Still No Must-Have Video Games On Xbox One And PS4

Erik Kain: "Something is missing from the current generation of video game consoles: essential video games that nobody ought live without."

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randomass1711868d ago

What the heck do you call InFamous and Titanfall? -.-

inveni01867d ago

inFamous is definitely a must-have. It is a great start for the new generation. (Titanfall, however, is a PC and 360 game, too.)

levian1867d ago

Infamous is alright. Some pretty awesome graphical effects, some decently fun gameplay. But I find it less fun that Infamous 1 and 2, and it is insanely short, even doing all the "side missions". Honestly, the side missions in that game are horrendous.

Definitely not worth the $70 it costs here in Canada (at least not to me). I bought it with my PS4, but my friend bought it digitally and shared it with me, so glad I got that $70 back and put it towards Watchdogs. I beat Infamous twice and I'll probably never touch it again (even the good and evil choices kind of suck, and the powers are barely different based off good or evil).

Titanfall is pretty good if you're into FPS, and a nice change of pace from CoD or Battlefield. That said, it's too expensive by about $20.

I just bought it on PC and use my PS3 controller to play is (not sure why, I find it's mouse and keyboard controls strange. I've played other FPS on the PC too, it's just this game)

ArchangelMike1868d ago

I read the article. But Infamous and Titanfall ARE the must have games right now. It doesn't really matter that they may or may not be excellent games. It's simply by virtue of the fact that there are no better games out right now. They are the best of what we have right now!

When Watchdogs released, it will probably become THE must have game. When Destiny releases it will probably then become the must have game. They will simply be the best of what's currently available.

But when games like TLOU and The Order release, it will all change...

randomass1711868d ago

Correct. Ultimately exclusives are going to decide this race in the long run and The Order is just the beginning. Xbox One also has exclusives on the way, so it's going to be a very interesting race. :)

BoneBone1868d ago

You don't understand... bless. The article is saying there are no 'must-have' games... it's not an article about 'what's the best of a bad bunch', games.

To expand: The PS4 has no 'system-sellers'; no must-have experiences or timeless gaming classics. The PS4 is a system that currently sells on the play of engineered hype and the promise of third party mediocrity and hollow experiences that only look 'nice', like Knack and Killzone.

It sells purely on cleaver marketing and reliance on the rudimentary psychologic weakpoints of the average consumer mind prone to impulse buys with the marketed notion of a bolstered lifestyle and leveraged place on society's totem pole.

I'm not quite sure what the Xone is selling on yet *.<

ArchangelMike1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )


They're both selling better than the Wii U, which says alot about the Wii U. Which you could argue has more 'must have games', or does it?

The fact is, gamers 'invest' in their console of choice. It's a long term investment spanning the course of the generation. SO it's not just about what games are out now, but what games are also in the pipeline.

randomass1711868d ago

I think that's mostly because of Wii U's poor marketing. Most people don't even know the Wii U is a new console or don't see a must-have game for it. That's supposed to change with MK8. I guess we'll see where that goes.

GeofferyPeterson1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

The PS4 and X1 will be relevant for another 10 years or more. The Crappy Wii U will be dead and gone in less then 2 years from now. Have fun playing the 5 games worth playing in it's entire library. Plus you probably payed $350 for a soon to be Wii Brick. Congrats on your really intelligent choice of consoles!

wonderfulmonkeyman1867d ago

The difference between the Wii U and the other two, though, which you have either missed or conveniently forgotten about, is that its advertisement levels suck in comparison.

If Nintendo had gotten their acts right from the start and given the system proper hype, then it would currently be out-pacing both of the others by a land-slide, because unlike the other two, it does have must-have games.
Gamers are slowly starting to realize that, and the sales have started becoming more consistent and slowly raising themselves over time, despite the lack of hype-building advertisement.
I think Nintendo could reach a lot more people if they'd pay for a prime-time TV spot for every major Direct they host, instead of keeping that just on the internet.

bobtheimpaler1867d ago


Sounds like you're just salty that your system of choice is doing poorly.

The PS4 does have excellent games, and the Xbone has games that appeals to its audience as well.

Knack isn't a great game, but it's far from a bad hollow game that relies on its looks. Unambitious, sure. But it is a fun title that kids enjoy playing and it offers more mature gamers a throwback to the early days of skilled platforming/ gameplay. Honestly would like a sequel as I think it has potential.

Killzone imo is excellent. It's the best FPS on the system at the moment. It has the best campaign and MP out of the other shooters currently out and I've sunk more hours into it than Killzone 2, and I bloody love that game. Post-launch for the game has been amazing. If FPS gamers want a change from the familiarity/ brokeness of BF and the casual nature of COD, they should definitely give it a try.

Second Son is just insanely fun and I can just run about the city ignoring missions and causing all kinds of mayhem.

That doesn't even include the indie games and f2ps on the system. I am spoilt for choice for the first time in a console's launch window.

Even on the Xbone, though those games don't really appeal to me, xbone owners have their own reasons for enjoying the games on the platform.

As far as launch line ups go and what else is coming out for these 2 systems in the first year alone in terms of first and third party games is just nothing short of insane compared to previous generations.

darren_poolies1867d ago


"No must-have experiences or timeless gaming classics."

The consoles have barely been out 5 months...I really don't know what everyone was expecting

MysticStrummer1867d ago

"It doesn't really matter that they may or may not be excellent games. It's simply by virtue of the fact that there are no better games out right now. They are the best of what we have right now!"

What you described there aren't "must have" games.

Those are "I already have the console and these are the best games for now so I might as well buy one" games.

I just saw my very first PS4 on a shelf a few days ago and I didn't buy it because I still have several PS3 games to finish. If Planetside 2 was in an open PS4 beta right now I'd have bought that PS4 without question. That, for me, is a must have game.

Shnazzyone1867d ago

The argument is while they are good games, they aren't must have system sellers. There's not much releasing for anything until late may, the next month or so is gonna be dull. Thankfully I still got MH3U That game has kept me goin for a solid year at this point.

Farsendor11867d ago

you guys are crazy im playing ps4 more than i did the ps3 at launch, sold both of my gtx 680 gpus to get more ps4 games. cousin is the same way but with his x1.

ease of use+prettier games+dualshock 4 makes playing games a whole lot more fun, im having more fun with gaming right now more than i have had in years.

favorite games so far on ps4
ass creed 4
need for speed rivals
dead nation
steam world dig
ff14 beta

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Kalowest1868d ago

I have both and neither are really system sellers!

StrawberryDiesel4201867d ago

I agree, though they do justify a next gen upgrade for hardcore gamers. I picked up a PS4 with infamous, tomb raider and battlefield 4 and have had more fun with tomb raider and BF4 so go figure.

christrules00411867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Titanfall can be played on the PC though. Not really a system seller when you can get it elsewhere.

marlinfan101867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

not everyone has a gaming pc, and a lot would just rather play it on xbox. tons of people bought the titanfall bundle so that kind of kills your point

PhantomT14121867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )


You don't need a high end gaming PC, it's a source engine game with Call of Duty graphics. Mid-range PCs will still perform largely better than Xbox 360 and maybe even Xbox One.

killzone6191867d ago

many people just prefer to play games on consoles

on PC you cant use a controller for online FPS games otherwise M&K players will destroy you.

Also, you dont just buy an xbox one for titanfall. there are other exclusives to look forward to.

same goes for the ps4 and wii U

Shnazzyone1867d ago

@killzone Titanfall actually plays better on PC with a 360 controller. That's the beauty of PC gaming. Customization.

christrules00411867d ago


The whole point of a system seller is to target everyone to buy your console whether they are going from pc to consoles or from Xbox 360/ps3 to Xbox One.

On the other hand here is a link to a pc build which plays games better then the Xbox One and PS4 which costs $530. Dont go saying people cant afford it because if they can afford an Xbox One they can afford this pc.

The testing was done with battlefield 4 and titanfall.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

An uninspired third entry in a series that had two other better games[suffers from sequel-itis, this one does. Which is a shame since the other two were great], and a futuristic Call-of-Duty rough-shod with parkour and battle mechs.
If the mechs had been given the same parkour capabilities as the humans, alongside a city-scape big enough to accommodate the ability, and had been toughened up a bit, it might have been more entertaining to use them, but as it is, hopping in one just kills whatever agility you had to make the shooting more interesting...

avengers19781867d ago

To me infamous second son and KILLZONE shadow fall were must haves that are not on PS3... Later this The Order comes to PS4 and that's also a must have... Watchdogs and destiny maybe cross gen but will be far better on PS4/XB1 then on PS3/360. As will evil within, evolve, dying light. There are plenty of reasons to go next gen. But if u want to wait it out I'm sure next holiday will be a big year for XB1 and PS4... I know people that only recently picked up a PS3, or 360 cause they wait for much cheaper consoles, and pick up a backlog of great games for next to nothing.

I just think back to when 360 came out and I went to about 4 stores a week for a month to get one, and the same thing happened when I went to pick up PS3. So this generation I preordered and picked up my PS4 day one, and been happily gaming on it ever since then.

marlinfan101867d ago

infamous and kz are not must haves lol and the rest aren't even released yet so idk how they'd be considered must haves...

BattleAxe1867d ago

I agree, no must have games yet. Watch_Dogs, Batman: Arkham Knight, Destiny, Star Wars: Battlefront 3, Evolve and H-Hour: World's Elite will be the first batch of real must have games.

fei-hung1867d ago

Still no must have journalists or articles this gen, in fact they are getting worse by the day. Everyday they find a new doom article for something or another.

I don't know about you guys but as a gamer and a ps4 owner knack, Killzone, warframe, resogun, dead nation and infamous were must buy games.

My friend who owns an x1 had to buy Ryse, max curse of the brotherhood, dead rising 3 and titanfall.

Must have gamesdon't need to be critically acclaimed or AAA budget. A must have game is subjective to the individual and most certainly not journalists who have shown more often than not that they lack consistency in their reviews, they lack principles, they create hype only to let themselves down and they talk out of their backsides just as much of not more than silly fanboys.

What's lacking this gen is good journalism and quality must have content from them, not developers.

Sly-Lupin1867d ago


I have a PS4 and I completely agree with the article. The only genuinely good PS4 (exclusive) game is Resogun. I can't speak for the Xbox 3, but its going to be a while yet before it accumulates some good games, especially with the increased production costs. It took the PS3 two to three years, and I imagine it will take the PS4 just as long.

Fortunately, the lack of a big gap between platforms should mean they both get their games within comparable time frame a. The Xbox 2's headstart last generation really skewed library comparisons.

BullyMangler1867d ago

As for the title of this article, so true so true .
The same cant be said about wiiU though. wiiU kikin assss with higher quality bang for your buck.

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Lawboy21868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

im getting pissed I may just leave the site for the rest of the day what do you call
plants v zombies

all these games are superb in my honest opinion...and must haves for their respective console...not to mention the tons of other games that are out there right now...smh

SCW19821868d ago

I would also include Resogun. That game is addicting as hell.

Kivespussi1867d ago

Resogun is awesome, actually I think the best next gen consoles have at the moment. But it's still 'just' an indie game. Nothing that will sell consoles but still it sells well as a game for those that have the console (even if it wouldn't have been on PS+)

Sly-Lupin1867d ago

I just wish Resogun was bigger... Those tiny circular levels just feel too small for a nextgen game.

ThatOneGuyThere1867d ago

I want resogun in 3d. Now. in fact, i want more next gen games in 3d.

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Bigpappy1868d ago

I don't know about PS4, as I have never used one, Titan FALLS, PvZ and Ryse have all been must haves form me so far. About to add Kinect Sports to that list (hesitated at the $60 price tag).

Kivespussi1867d ago

While they are big exclusives they aren't really those, huge AAA titles that will sell millions of consoles. Maybe the next uncharted or halo could be the one for both consoles but only time will tell.

deafdani1867d ago

I'm pretty sure Titanfall counts as a system seller. The Xbox fanbase eat it up.

jhoward5851867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

I completely agree with this article. There isn't any must have games on ps4/x1.

I'm afraid to say, Nintendo had the right idea when it come to game development. game like metroid/zelda/etc. has not come around in long time. Now don't get me wrong, I don't expect sony/ms to make their clone version of those games.It just that every games that Ive played so far just doesn't keep me appealed for no more than a couple of hours. SS is an awesome game but it doesn't have much replay value. I beat SS in 3 days which caught me by surprised. A massive world as big as SS should've had more stuff to do. It was kind of repetitive in my opinion. It seem as though sucker used a bunch of fillers in SS.

ILive1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Instead of talking about the gakes already available, and given the fact that a must have game is completely objective maybe, just maybe, both systems just released like 5 months ago. Wow, what a revelation, right? I swear, these type of articles irritate me. Games just don't pop out overnight. And I'm sure that the article writer knows this. All games are repetitive by the way.

Ol_G1867d ago

Get used to it when you're not able to live up to the hype this happens

ILive1867d ago

I meant to say that must have games is a totally subjective matter.

LightDiego1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Infamous: Second Son is an amazing game and a must-have, if you disagree, you are a fanboy.

wonderfulmonkeyman1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

If you'd call someone a fanboy over disagreeing with an opinion, then you're a hypocrite.

Meltic1867d ago

it's people like you who just push the Disagree button for fun.

wonderfulmonkeyman1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

No, Meltic, I push it because I have a reason to.
If you don't like my reasons, that's fine, but do try to keep your false accusations and slanderous portrayals of my character, which you're not even privy to, to yourself.

Saints941867d ago

It's like you didn't put any thought into that sentence.