Preview:Ninja Gaiden Sigma

"For an Xbox game, Ninja Gaiden was breathtakingly slick and attractive, but on PS3, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, as this semi-remake is being called, is out of this world. To put it into perspective, the pre-rendered Xbox cutscenes that took literally months to create, PS3 somehow manages to better in real-time gameplay. Talk about progress."

Plus, it comes loaded with great big, solid wedges of new stuff not seen in the original. New levels, new monsters, new weapons and new moves for starters, plus sexy bit-part character Rachel, who sent many an Xbox owner stiffening, is now a playable character too (think Michelle Marsh with a sword. And bigger tits). Not so much a nail in Xbox's coffin, as a ten-ton wrecking ball.

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Tut4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

Well, they took far too many swings at the XBox360 that weren't necessary to the article and probabaly not even factual (who cares? tell me about the game!). But we'll see.

On the positive note, I am glad this is coming to the PS3 because I liked Ninja Gaiden Black on XBox. If you liked God of War you will like this game as well. I just hope they don't screw up the views like they did in Black, though. That was so frustrating! (Hits the right trigger again...and again...)

Wall walking 4tw.

OutLaw4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

What was up with all those potshots CVG took.
You would think deep down inside they don't like MS.

But as for the game I had the original one and was very impressed by it. I'm glad to see that Tecmo is making an upgrade version for the PS3.

Silver Bull3t4452d ago

Looks like the preview was poted on CVG but from PSW mag outta the UK... so not necessarily CVGs opinion...

andy capps4452d ago

Yeah the article would have been much better if they left out the digs at the Xbox. There were other reasons to have an Xbox: KOTOR, Jade Empire (if you liked it), of course the Halo games, Forza, etc. I never played it on Xbox so I'm looking forward to it. Maybe they'll release the next "proper" sequel on both platforms.

JIN KAZAMA4452d ago

just looks sick! I cant believe the graphics on this thing. The PS3 is the real deal people. I cant wait to get this game. Please 360 fans, this is a remake, but a much better version than the original. I will buy this game as soon as it comes out.

BIadestarX4452d ago

"Please 360 fans, this is a remake, but a much better version than the original." You say this as this is not to be expected... ofcourse it has to be better, it was made by the same company, more than one year after the original, it will be made for the P3 which happen to have better hardware than the original xbox.
Did you know that Ninja Gaiden Black for the XBox looks better than Ninja Gaiden for SNes?

Arkham4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

I'd re-think that "XBox-SNes" comparison if I were you. Or do you think the PS3 is THAT far beyond the original XBOX?

I don't think this gen is THAT far ahead, but the implication of your example is chucklesome.

big_tim4452d ago

They will get the sequel.

PS360WII4452d ago

Get this franchise out to the masses. It was insanely awesome for the xbox! Played the original so many times that when Black came out it wasn't all that difficult. Sigma is going to rock with the new levels, weapons, and playable characters. It's not really a port it's like a Ninja Gaiden 1.5.1 The next best thing to Ninja Gaiden 2 ^^ Hellz yea

power of Green 4452d ago

The 360's getting it's own new NG in 2008 or late 2007.

PS360WII4452d ago

way to throw that one out there. Lets see umm ah yes, we know that already. See here we were talking about the Ninja Gaiden that's going to be on the ps3. Not what's going to be on the 360. Just to clarify in case you missed it.

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