Carl from 'The Walking Dead' likes to stream himself playing 'DayZ'

XMNR: Chandler Riggs is best known as Rick Grimes' son Carl from The Walking Dead​television series on AMC where he and his father are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. Like many kids his age though, Riggs like to play video games and stream their adventures over the internet. This includes surviving a zombie apocalypse in DayZ as discovered Saturday.

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Lord_Sloth3267d ago

Guess he can't get enough Zombies. XXXD

cleft53267d ago

This is a smart move on his part. No telling when the whole Walking Dead gig is going to end. This way he becomes a popular broadcaster on Twitch and Youtube by capitalizing on his current fame. Very smart move.

Army_of_Darkness3267d ago

OMG. This game looks like shit with so much ridiculous glitches!? H1Z1 looks waaaaaay better already.

Lord_Sloth3267d ago


I agree that H1Z1 looks better but it's also closer to being completed. DayZ is still in its testing phase so of course is going to have glitches. Don't be thick, both games look great!

randomass1713267d ago

Who can get enough zombies? I love when actors do stuff like this. :D

Ch1d0r13267d ago

He will rise to the top real quick.

Xyconaut3267d ago

He must be getting close to being killed off on the show then XD

e-p-ayeaH3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

pewdiepie or watever hes called will no longer be king on viewers if this kid keeps up.

Gazondaily3266d ago

Oh please let this happen. Pewdiepie....I just don't get his appeal.

KOOOOORL for president!

prodg523266d ago

haha that's funny! I noticed how Rick always pronounce his name that way.

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The story is too old to be commented.