PlayStation Blog Share to Return, Focused on PS4 and Vita: It'll Be a "Great Place" to Submit Ideas

Back in 2010 Sony Computer Entertainment launched the PlayStation Blog Share, an open forum that allowed users to submit ideas on PlayStation platforms and games and to vote on them, giving us a chance to let our voice be heard at Sony.

Unfortunately the project was more or less set aside, and the level of activity gradually dropped until it turned into an empty husk.

The good news are that it's going to make a full comeback.

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randomass1711866d ago

Ohh? And this here is why I love Sony the most out of all other publishers/developers. So open to new ideas and fan feedback. These guys are doing wonderfully this gen so far. :D

Abash1866d ago

Start asking for Sly Cooper 5, MediEvil 3, Twisted Metal PS4, MAG 2, Dark Cloud 3, and more when this is live guys. Let Sony know the series we want them to bring to PS4

Massacred1866d ago

This has been going on for a while now, Abash.

randomass1711866d ago

Done aaaaaand done! Any one of those games would be welcome in my book. :)

MegaRay1866d ago

Ape escape and jak 4/reboot too

KendrickLamar1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

First and foremost we should make requests on improving the UI, (adding new features to the UI, enhancements, etc)

kingdom181866d ago

You forgot a new ND made Jak and Daxter game :D

1866d ago
welly3001866d ago

Mag 2 I wish..... the best team shooter ever!

Farsendor11865d ago

legend of dragoon remake or heck even a legend of dragoon remastered edition is what i would like to see.

gaffyh1865d ago

Just need frigging local media playback. That's it!

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DemonChicken1866d ago

I hypothesize that most requests (which would be the same as mine) to be either:

- Localise more niche games from Japan, <--- yakuza
- Bring back old franchises <--- serious $$$

I am looking at you sonny third party relations/adam boyle et al

Glad to see sony since supporting the PS3 though, can't wait for my persona 5 fix considering the focus on PS4 and vita, which is great by the way

randomass1711866d ago

Localization definitely is in order. I was actualy really happy to hear about the Hatsune Miku games getting localized on Vita. Hopefully Sony will follow Sega's lead and localize games as well as encourage other Japanese publishers/developers to localize their games.

Inception1866d ago

"Hopefully Sony will follow Sega's lead and localize games as well as encourage other Japanese publishers/developers to localize their games"

I think sony already did that from PS1 era. FF VII, FF Tactics, Tobal, Armored Core, and Toshinden 1 are some games that localized & published by sony.

bothebo1866d ago

Get ready to hear me complain about the lack of AAA games coming to the Vita!

Remy_S1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Damn straight. While there is still development in their Japanese studios, western first party support has fallen off the face of the earth.

Massacred1866d ago

People on PS Blog complain about this all the time. Went on a post about a GTA V update and people were demanding GTA Vita be made, lol

Massacred1866d ago

Great to see the Blog Share Return, I know many of us loved to use this, even though they never got to out THREE BIGGEST REQUESTS.

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The story is too old to be commented.