What does Titanfall mean for Everyone Else?

Critically Sane: "With Titanfall out and everyone, including our own staff, drooling over it as the next evolution of the shooter genre, what does this mean for the genre leaders Call of Duty and Battlefield? What can the big guns learn from the newcomer? And more importantly, is this the beginning of a changing of the guard for the genre?

For as much praise as Titanfall has amassed, the game is not going to dethrone Call of Duty or Battlefield as the king of the genre. At least not yet. Sheer numbers alone will keep those long running series at the top of the heap for the next couple years. But in a year where Call of Duty was generally regarded as disappointing and Battlefield was a consumer nightmare, Titanfall’s critical and commercial success (nearly a million copies sold in the first week of release) are certainly eye opening. Gamers want something different from their shooter experience and Titanfall is giving it to them."

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MysticStrummer1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

It means CoD style gameplay isn't going anywhere. That's great for fans of that type of game, and irritating for people who don't want their favorite games to emulate that style in the name of potentially higher sales.

"Gamers want something different from their shooter experience and Titanfall is giving it to them."

I guess that difference isn't really captured on video because it looks like sci fi CoD to me, but I'm admittedly a person who lumps most FPS together. Most seem very CoD-ish to me.

UnHoly_One1867d ago

It's almost nothing like CoD.

WeAreLegion1867d ago

I play Titanfall all the time. It's a LOT like Call of Duty, but with a few added mechanics. That doesn't mean it's bad.

MysticStrummer1867d ago

"It's almost nothing like CoD."

The people I've talked to who have played it strongly disagree with you. They say it's very much like CoD with, as Legion said, added mechanics. Many people love CoD so you shouldn't be unhappy with the comparison, unless you hate CoD I guess.

I know I'll check it out if it comes to PS, though I sincerely hope they do something about that AI, because nothing kills my immersion faster than bad AI and TF's is some of the worst I've seen in years.

UnHoly_One1867d ago

I don't know, I don't really see it.

CoD is dominated by snipers and campers, and it's all about Killstreaks. This game has none of that.

I just don't see how it is any more like CoD than it is like Battlefield, or like Crysis, or like Halo.

It's a shooter, of course, but that is where the similarities end.

WeAreLegion1867d ago

It means there will be mechs and wall running in Call of Duty this year. Then again, maybe Activision doesn't care. They have Destiny.

tamarkovia11867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

No single player sorry not even buying it that's just me. And i buy everything. Would love to support respawn.

yankolo1867d ago

It means i havent played cod since i downloaded tf ....

tamarkovia11867d ago

I know that feeling buy one then move on to the next lol i have dozens unfinished it's tragic.

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