Xbox One Titanfall Bundle £339 at Tesco

Dealspwn writes: It seems like Asda and Amazon have been battling for gamers' cash this week with their £349 deal, but this has allowed Tesco to sneak past with their new £339 offer. You'll have to be a bit sneaky too, as the all-important discount code above only works on new Tesco accounts. But I'm sure you'll all agree, setting up a new throwaway email account is worth the £10 saving.

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Sathur1862d ago

Here come the easter gaming deals. Way to keep the reason for the season uk retailers.

mark3214uk1862d ago

getting rid of stock they cant sell more like

there store rooms must be full of x1 consoles

TomShoe1862d ago

Damn, who needs an official price drop when retailers are just going to fight your price war for you. Retailers are selling more systems than Titanfall is lol.

jimbobbeers1862d ago

That makes no sense, if they were trying to get rid of all their stock surely they'd be flogging the standard consoles cheap (which must be clogging up their stock room as you say) not the newly released Titanfall bundle which has been out less than a month in the UK.

Gozer1862d ago

Stores wouldn't order more stock unless they go through what they already have. The Titanfall bundle is just a promotion to capitalize on an award winning game.

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beebap1862d ago

Still too dear, need to make kinect worth it with proper games. Interesting to see xbox one sales numbers in uk with these discounts.people see this a big xbox region but are very much behind the ps4.

Kiwi661862d ago

let me guess even if it was under 200 you'd probably still say its too dear

beebap1862d ago

Now that would be steal for new console only 6 month old. Does have to be that cheap,have all other consoles so at some point I want xbox one just titanfall does not interest me and cant understand why people dont demand games for kinect when microphone and normal camera is enough.You know it is reason for price and takes resources away. I will be playing on xbox one in future just not yet.

choujij1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

What's crazy is this game has only been out for a month.

beebap1862d ago

Interesting that it titanfall bundle just. Are discounting xbox one even more with titanfall included to make it the biggest selling next gen game to keep exclusive or to make all that money spend on advertising to seem worth it as it couldnt sell enough on hype.

MegaRay1862d ago

Just stop people, its not funny anymore. ... actually its sad

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