No Next-Gen for Borderlands Pre-Sequel...and Why That's Genius

The crew of Unlocked thinks Gearbox's seemingly strange plan actually makes a lot of sense.

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Massacred1869d ago

Yes, the audience is much larger right now on previous gen consoles, however it would have been nice to see them give us the option of previous gen or next gen.

randomass1711868d ago

They save money this way and can do a remastered trilogy later also on the cheap. Namco and Atlus are also not doing any games on current generation consoles because they are cheaper to make and because more people own previous gen consoles.

Massacred1868d ago

I see the logic, but all the moment right now is moving towards next gen. I would probably attempt to capitalize.

randomass1711868d ago

True, next gen has all the hype, but people are still buying PS3s (which is pretty cool). So why not let smaller scale developers make their games on those platforms? People may even gain access to them on PS4 through PS Now.