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Twinfinite writes, "Bethesda has been hyping up their new horror title The Evil Within for a while now with a slew of trailers and screenshots. Going into the hands-off gameplay demonstration, I had expected to experience the type of horror game that would stand up to the psychologically trying content that had been shown in the past. Instead, this demonstration of The Evil Within left me unfrightened and generally unimpressed."

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randomass1711869d ago

It's too bad she never got to try a playable version of the game. I bet that will a lot more fun. :)

joab7771869d ago

Fun or scarier? Its unfortunate but there seems to be no middle ground really. To some, scary=fun, to others it doesnt.

Developers have to choose whether to be more mainstream or aim for cultishand scary. Thing is, we need more scary and thats what this game is supposed to deliver.

That being said, pacing is important, as is setting up and environment, and how can anyone make a judgement in a hands off demo that doesn't really show gameplay. Heres to hoping this game revitalizes the niche genre, even if it doesnt sell 7 million copies.

randomass1711869d ago

Both! The gameplay looks solid and the scares seem atmospherically creepy, just like RE4. That's another Shinji Mikami game I absolutely adore. I really want to play this as well. :)

danny8181869d ago

hands off?! did I read that right?! ahahhaha

randomass1711869d ago

Yeah you did. Unfortunately I think that makes the preview a little pointless. I'd prefer to see the footage she saw.

Glitchy1869d ago

I wish that were possible. I would have loved to have shared that. Unfortunately they were super strict on the 'no photos, video, sound' thing. Hands off demos are the worst. :(

Skate-AK1869d ago

Should't have a hands-off demo of a horror game. It's meant to scare the player, not the audience.