Bungie Weekly Update 4/11/14

This week at Bungie, we trained up some new Guardians.

There are times when I get to feel like a mentor in the Tower. When we meet new allies that will help us bring Destiny to the world, the pleasure of teaching them the ways of the Guardian falls to me. They receive a flash lesson in equipping some weapons and gear. I show them how to harness their Light to power fantastic talents of destruction. Once they know how to take their first steps, we strike out on a dangerous mission.

I’m not going to tease you with the insistence that they had a wonderful time – and, oh my goodness, if you only you could have seen what they have seen! There’s no point in trying to make their excitement contagious. Your time will come, weekly reader. You’ll make up your own mind about your Destiny. Bungie knows its community well enough to understand that your curiosities can only be satisfied by your own adventures.

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Omar911865d ago

I Just pre ordered the game on amazon and registered for the beta! Can't wait to try this baby out whenever that is! Everything about this game so far excites me, and I'm not even the biggest MMO fan.

Ittoryu1865d ago

Supposed to be in a couple months.

Skate-AK1865d ago

Can't wait until I get to try the beta.

1865d ago