Amy Hennig's Star Wars Game Will Be Co-Written By PS4 Uncharted Trailer Narrator Todd Stashwick

Former Uncharted Creative Director and Writer Amy Hennig just announced that actor Todd Stashwick will co-write the Star Wars game by Visceral Games for which she will serve as Creative Director and Writer.

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AceBlazer131869d ago

Plot twist microsoft buys exclusivity deal.jk

danny8181869d ago

wouldn't be surprised ahahaha

LordMaim1869d ago

I think EA has learned their lesson on that front.

-Foxtrot1869d ago

She's posted a few pictures on his Twitter account lately with Todd Stashwick all buddy like....this must be why

However it's good to note that she's posted pictures with Todd Stashwick and Nolan North and in another she's with Nolan, Emily and Richard.

So it's safe to assume that Nathan, Sully and Elena will be back for Uncharted 4, she's most likely posting them now because she's not at ND anymore.

randomass1711869d ago

And because there is no bad blood between her and the rest of ND.

-Foxtrot1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

No I meant because they might of told her to not post anything which could give anything away about the game or she might of thought that being the creative director.

She starts posting pictures of Todd, Emily, Richard and Nolan together and such then people are going to speculate aren't they.

XtraTrstrL1869d ago

Only 1 negative about this story - EA is involved.

randomass1711869d ago

Feel ya there bro. Here's hoping EA doesn't do anything to ruin her game or any other Star Wars experiences that are coming.

danny8181869d ago

lol its gonna be an x1 exclusive ahahaha

showtimefolks1869d ago

yeh not happening again, EA made a huge mistake with titanfall so don't expect them to do any exclusives for anyone.

Tatsuya 1869d ago

Check your bearings, if it's going to be exclusive to a platform it will be the PS4 :)

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The story is too old to be commented.