PAX East 2014: New Evolve Information Revealed

Hardcore Gamer: We got the scoop on Evolve at PAX East 2014 where we learned about the game's modes and how similar to Titanfall it really is.

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ValKilmer1864d ago

Wow, this just seems like a Left4Dead/Titanfall rip-off with aliens now.

randomass1711864d ago

It can't ripoff Left 4 Dead in the slightest, it's made by the creators of Left 4 Dead. And it's nothing like Titanfall either. -.-

ValKilmer1864d ago

It's still a rip-off if it's copying something without giving full credit, even your own product.

HaveAsandwich1864d ago

you didn't die from cancer yet?

GarrusVakarian1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

So any game that has anything remotely similar to another game game is a rip-off?

This game looks awesome. Jet packs, monsters/aliens,'s got my attention.

randomass1711864d ago

Agreed. One thing I liked about Wii U was asymmetrical multiplayer. It's really cool to see a dev tackle that without supplying a different controller. And this game looks amazingly stylish and fun.

ValKilmer1864d ago

It's about teaming up with foot soldiers to take down big enemies. It's quite similar.

Allsystemgamer1864d ago

I can play that game too!

Titanfall is a halo/cod ripoff with bad AI!

I do like Titanfall peepz I ain't bashing it.

randomass1711864d ago

Don't worry, as a fellow Titanfall fan, I can tell whn you're just making an example out of poor logic. How can someone rip themselves off? That's like saying Keiji Inafune ripped himself off with Mighty No. 9. He MADE Mega Man AND Mighty No. 9. Their similarities come from the fact that they are made by the same designer.

Salooh1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Titanfall ripped off killzone 3 in your logic. And killzone did the same to other game and so on.

Hope you learn to be more reasonable. Titanfall is a good if not great game but that doesn't mean that this game less good or sucks.

xActionBasturdx1862d ago

Now this is the most ignorant thing i've read on this site in a no way/shape/form this is remotely close to beimg similarto giant parkour(i dont think atleast) and its 4 vs 1...yea you need to put the crack pipe down sir

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1864d ago
OsirisBlack1864d ago

Reading this article was a waste.... this game is like titanfall? How?

Skate-AK1863d ago

Game sounds interesting. Will have to keep a look out for it.