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"When we decide to splash our hard earned cash, we like to know that we’re getting value for money, whether that be in the form of a long and immersive campaign or a multiplayer option that makes us look like virtual gods among our, obviously, adoring teammates. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes boasts neither of these attributes, it’s short main story lasts half the time of a James Cameron borefest, a online option is non-existent and it's all for a questionably high price..."

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Bunnypoppop1868d ago

I don't see why people are complaining about how short it is, you want long then wait for the actual Metal Gear Solid V :p

Ajoyshop1868d ago

When you actually read the review she liked the game even though it was short lol. It had redeeming qualities. I'm guessing the reason it didn't have multiplayer was because it was more or less a filler title in between the last full title and the next?

randomass1711867d ago

The shortness doesn't really affect the funness. It's the price that most people complain about.

Quinny19891867d ago

Yeah it's not the shortness that bothered me it's the price that Konami are asking for it. the game itself is very good!