How Microsoft can ensure the Xbox One is successful in Japan

Japan is pretty big country for gaming, Sony and Nintendo get a huge portion of their profits from Japan, but why not Microsoft. In this article we examine why the Xbox isn’t doing very well in Japan and how they could improve their showing in the country.

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Kingthrash3603340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

sorry but it will never be successful in japan...i wish it would be. it would mean more japanese games for the system..but with the new tax hike even the ps4 will sell less.

randomass1713340d ago

Yeah, it's really unlikely Xbox One will do especially well in Japan.

AngelicIceDiamond3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

If its even possible.

I mean even the PS4 is quickly falling off their radar.

Whatever Japanese exclusive games MS announces needs to make its way state side and in Europe to ensure sales.

I love Japanese games especially third person action titles like NInja Gaiden, Vanquish, Bayonetta and Ninja Blade on 360 etc...

Like I said whatever AAA Jap exclusive they have in the works needs to make stateside. If they won't buy them then I sure as hell will.

TheRedButterfly3340d ago

I agree! There are so many AAA J-exclusives that I've unfortunately had to miss out on because I don't speak the language and/or have a japanese X360. But now that the XO is region-free, hopefully the task of translating the games will prove to be worthwhile for traditionally j-exclusives titles.

christocolus3340d ago


Im sure MS wouldnt miss any opportunity to bring their exclusives over to the west. I also like a lot of japanese games. I enjoyed phantum dust and otogi on xbox and i also got blue dragon and lost odysee on my 360, im hoping MS does the same thing is time around.

randomass1713340d ago

I'm hard pressed to believe Xbox One will outsell even Wii U in Japan in the long run. Xbox is just not a strong brand there in spite of what dedicated fans live in Japan.

TheRedButterfly3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

It's highly unlikely that anything Xbox will ever outsell a Nin/Sony platform in Japan... That being said, it doesn't have to outsell anything to be successful. The XO is behind the PS4 on a global scale, but it's still doing phenomenally well! What everyone seems to forget is that MS and Sony aren't playing for #1, they're playing for good sales - regardless of what "place" that puts them in.

X360 selling 80+million consoles is great!
PS3 selling 80+million consoles is great!
Wii selling 100+million consoles is great!

Don't get caught up in the "who's first" argument. :)

randomass1713340d ago

True that! Being first does not equate profitability. Nintendo showed us that with the GCN. :)

kreate3340d ago

Instead of focusing on Japan.

Microsoft needs to focus on the Asian continent in general.

If it can succeed in Asia, it can succeed in Japan.

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