Batman: Arkham Knight Preview | CheatCC

CCC Says: "I can honestly say this is going to be bitter sweet. For years, the Batman franchise was the running joke of the video game world (with one ridiculously bad game after another). Only Superman has had a worst track record than ole’ Batsy (see Superman 64 for reference). However, in 2009, Rocksteady came along with Batman: Arkham Asylum and proved wrong all those who thought it couldn’t be done. The hugely successfull follow up Arkham City easily garnered multiple-awards, including game of the year. Now Rocksteady looks to close out the last chapter with a finale of epic proportions!"

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randomass1711868d ago

Kinda bummed I need a newer console to play it, but hey, that's the industry for ya. This game looks so fun. :D

MasterD9191867d ago

I'm with ya on that but luckily you have some time. Most of the major titles to buy a new console for aren't coming out until fall or winter.

randomass1711867d ago

Sadly I think I'll only be able to get a PS4 next year. I want to save up for a Wii U first since it's cheaper and has better deals right now (and because of Smash Bros. lol)

medman1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Start saving those sheckels my friend!! Some games look worth the price of admission. I'm thinking most will not want to miss out on The Division or Assassin's Creed Unity either, assuming they don't have a pc to play these type games.

randomass1711867d ago

Great thing about new games is they usually don't go anywhere lol. When I get my PS4, I'll have plenty to play. Can't wait. :)