Feature: Three Reasons Why Physics Brawler Gang Beasts Must Come to PS4

Push Square: "The very best thing about the blossoming indie scene is that you never quite know what treasures you’re going to uncover. We’re in an era now where a duo of plucky programmers can produce a PlayStation masterpiece in a rotten rented bedsit, and – irrespective of the plethora of non-blockbuster bemoaners who’ve become a rather vocal and unfortunate fixture of the latest generation – that’s actually a good thing for the future of creativity in our beloved industry. Boneloaf’s bizarre physics brawler Gang Beasts epitomises everything that’s great about this latest progression in the medium – and has had us clamouring for a console release ever since we first clapped our bleary eyes on it."

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DanielGearSolid1864d ago

I knew this game was a hit when I watched a Node Lan Party video of it at a party, and a few girls were actually interested in it.

The last time that happened, Littlebigplanet

randomass1711864d ago

Hope they decide to port it over. More exposure, more profit, especially on the world's fastest selling console. :)