Shuhei Yoshida Reflects On Two Decades Of Playstation

The head of Sony World Wide Studios gives his thoughts on the beginnings of PlayStation gaming and the use of social networking to influence the course of gaming.

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randomass1711866d ago

Great guy. Glad he was there to help bring us so much awesomeness. :D

Thehyph1865d ago

When he cried from talking about what Journey meant to him, I knew for sure he was a pretty straight shooter.

randomass1711865d ago

Says a lot about how much love and passion the man has about gaming. We need more spokespeople like him in the industry. :)

1865d ago
jackdaniels1865d ago

Cried? what a wimp, theres no place for tears in business, its a sign of weakness and insecurity!

aLucidMind1865d ago

Actually, crying being associated as a sign of weakness is idiotic and only a recent thing. For centuries, it was considered a very good thing for a warrior to be able to cry. It showed humility, honesty, and sincerity; a warrior who would cry was often deemed more trustworthy than the most hardened ones, and also often would be the most successful.

So yeah, the whole "crying is for the weak" mentality is utterly idiotic.

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john4161865d ago

HE truly is a class act I'll be honest i'm an xbox guy but I have so much respect for Yoshida

Pancit_Canton1865d ago

Him,Kaz and Jack are the only executive that i really like at Sony. They are like three musketeers. Unfotunately, Jack decided to move on to focus on his ventures. He will still be remember as a great speaker and representative at Sony.

WeAreLegion1865d ago

You don't like Andrew House? I love that guy.

Farsendor11864d ago

Do we know if jacks replacement is for gaming or is he an entertainment guy?

iceman061865d ago

It's gonna be difficult to beat Jack when it comes to speaking to the masses. He had that down to a science. I think that Shuei is a great representative of Playstation. I don't know that he is the spokesperson that Jack was. He does a GREAT job in social media though! I wonder who will replace Jack as the voice of the major trade shows?

randomass1711865d ago

Sony's pretty good at picking faces. I think the only real mishap they've ever had was Kevin Butler, and even that was pretty good while it lasted.

iceman061865d ago

@Random...that's true. I just really wonder who it will be. Will it be some in-house guy that we've seen Or will it be a fresh face. Oh...and the Kevin Butler campaign was great, at least up until the competing commercial fiasco.

Inception1865d ago

Lol this is the 1st time i heard that Shu got banned twice (only temporary) from miiverse because he wrote "i <3 PS" and using his nickname. Anyway his a great guy and it's lucky that sony had staff like shu.

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