Watch Dogs is being set up to fail on Wii U by Ubisoft

GGG writes that while its nice that Ubisoft wants to give Wii U owners a chance to play Watch Dogs rather than cancelling it, that they're sabotaging the Wii U versions's chance at success with a Fall 2014 release.

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Abash1867d ago

Honestly, with Mario Kart 8 releasing three days after Watch_Dogs, the majority of Nintendo fans would have passed on the game to get MK8 either way.

randomass1711867d ago

Ubisoft are just setting themselves up for failure again. They pick really bad days to release games. Rayman Legends was delayed to around the same time as Zelda and GTAV. No one was going to buy that game no matter what they did at that point. Only the Wii U version has competition to deal with now. The others are on easy street.

-Foxtrot1867d ago

Maybe it's a clever way from them to drop support of the Wii U...this way they can turn around and go "Well we did try, we supported it more then everyone else".

They most likely want to drop support but don't want to burn any bridges in the process

randomass1711867d ago

I don't see why they would bother. No one else bothered to try and tread lightly. This all just seems like a waste of money and poor management which isn't all that uncommon with Ubisoft. Their mishandling of Rayman is pretty telling at how good they are at marketing games.

NYC_Gamer1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Ubi will complain about low sales and never question if the delay had anything to do with it

randomass1711867d ago

Yup. It's almost like it's happened before. :/

MNGamer-N1867d ago

Maybe it's just taking longer to develop cool GamePad features. One can only hope, I guess.

Ck1x1867d ago

I don't think so! Most likely the gamepad features were going to be a combination of what was done in Assassin's Creed, ZombiU and Splinter Cell. What hurts the WiiU version is that Ubisoft has come out and said that they completely pulled the developers working on the WiiU version, to help finish up the other systems.

HavokPants1867d ago

well thats what they said

Ck1x1867d ago

I agree that it would be a mistake releasing it against MK8, but watch them do something even more stupid by releasing it around the time of SmashBros instead. To be honest, the WiiU version sounds like it may not come out until next year! Ubisoft doesn't seem like It's a high priority for them to finish the game on the WiiU. This is not raging on Ubisoft as they have been one of the biggest supporters of the WiiU. I blame Nintendo for this as well, they need to develop better marketing partnerships with western 3rd party developers. Especially when Ubisoft has given great versions of their best franchises to the system.

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