Microsoft: Is It Time for a Comeback?

Jake Alster of thinks Microsoft is set to make a comeback.

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Sayburr1871d ago

Not sure why everyone thinks Microsoft needs a Kinect-less Xbox One to "comeback". People were saying that PS3 should get rid of the Blue-ray player to make it more competitive, but Sony ended up selling more units at the end of the generation...

Godmars2901871d ago

MS largely lead the charge against BR when it wasn't only about games. Much in the same way they've only insisted Kinect is the new thing while failing provide a legitimate example.

Allsystemgamer1871d ago

I don't want kinect and I don't need it either. Everything they've shown it doing so far has not appealed to me at all. I don't want to pay for something useless to me.

If they desinged the UI to be used with kinect and made t dofficult with a controller that's just either poor design or intentionally poor design to force the use of something unnecessarily.

SilentGuard1871d ago

Exactly, if MS wants to insist I own their unneeded accessory with their new console than they can throw it in for free. $349 with Kinect, or without, sounds about right. Am willing to buy the console, but not the Kinect if I'm forced to buy it as well. If certain aspects of the console are easier with Kinect its only becuase MS designed it that way, not becuase Kinect made a console function easier.

Red0eye0ceo1871d ago

Can you please stop posting articles like this n4g? More games and less politics!!!!

Godmars2901871d ago

More like religion as people try to sway others based on their own opinion and personal beliefs rather than fact.

thatzacdavis1871d ago

Its an opinion article about gaming. Opinions have their place too.

Godmars2901871d ago

Except that the opinion doesn't stand well on reason.

"Buy a console that's $50 rather than $100 more than another because the first includes a camera you'd have to buy for the second though it raises the first console's price by $100 and the worth of both are arguable.

"Then there's the "free" game you get that only appeals to a specific type of gamer and also requires a paid subscription."

When you have to go to such lengths to present such a case, leaving out deals in regards of the second console, you're just trying too hard. Or worse if you honestly don't know nay proper details about the other side of your argument.

SixtyNine1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

A comeback? I understand that there's a drought, on the new gen consoles anyways. So, there isn't much to talk about.

Repetitive articles will crop up. .

This one happens to be about Microsoft's Xbox 'comeback', only for the umpteenth time :D