Nintendo: why we patched gay relationships in Tomodachi Life

Nintendo explains why gay marriage is no longer a feature in Tomodachi Life - turns out it was never there to begin with.

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randomass1711864d ago

Huh, according to this article there never was such a patch! Apparently people in Japan dressed up female Miis as male to give the illusion they were gay and posted pictures. The patch that Nintendo issued was to fix a game breaking bug. Apparently the same-sex marriages were never in the game to begin with. That's pretty crazy.

Beetey1864d ago

Ya, I feel like the article could probably have been given a better title.

ContinuePlay1864d ago

The source of the confusion appears to be a mistranslation on behalf of Kotaku.

randomass1711864d ago

Well, I'm certainly not surprised by that. XD

overrated441864d ago

Hold on a sec, are you telling me that Kotaku may have sensationalized their article? I don't believe it!

Skate-AK1864d ago

I could see Kotaku going crazy about this.

plmkoh1864d ago

The hilarity is that Nintendo didn't move an inch, yet Kotaku stirred the crap up and will conclude on it's own mess.

ContinuePlay1864d ago

Yeah, but diplomatically ;)

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