Spector aims to build "Navy SEALs of game development training"

GI - Warren Spector has been producing games for more than thirty years, and now he's turning his experience and talents to the task of training a new generation of leaders in the rapidly evolving game industry. He's joined the University of Texas at Austin to head up the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy and create a certificate program to train leaders for the game industry. Currently he's interviewing prospective faculty members and lining up the first class of students that will start later this year. GamesIndustry International spoke with him in depth at GDC about this effort. To kick off our Feature Focus on games education this month, here's our full conversation with Spector.

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DVAcme1871d ago

If anyone can make this work, it's him. He's a legend.

electricbolt90001871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Though I would love to see Spector coming up with a true sequel/spiritual-successor to the classic masterpiece that is Deus Ex(2000), this is nonetheless some really great news!
Games like Deus Ex(2000) haven't been done in years and I hope legendary Warren Spector will point the new generation of game developers in the right direction.

porkChop1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

He'll never do that. He hates violent games now, and from the way he talks it seems like he doesn't think ANYONE should make violent games at all. I get having a personal preference, but he seems to try to force his views on people which doesn't seem right for someone who's going to be the head of a game development school. Not to mention the fact that after Epic Mickey 1 and 2 it's clear that he's lost a bit of his touch.