Project CARS - New Videos Show Impressive WIP Water, Smoke, Gravel & Grass Effects

YouTube’s member ‘lukas mensik’ has shared a number of videos from Project CARS, showing off some WIP effects such as water, gravel, grass and smoke.

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bobacdigital1871d ago

Videos are all in 720p? Would be crazy if this was the Wii U version.

TruthInsider 1871d ago

All in rubbish 30fps on consoles.

Don't even try to compete with GT & Forza until you bring 60fps!

Allsystemgamer1871d ago

PC can play that game too.

Only in 1080p! 4k on pcs!


Now grow up

darkstar181871d ago

so getting this day one for Wii U ;)

itisallaboutps1871d ago

Sure it looks beautiful. But most car game developers makers have forgot about the engine notes. Which really annoys me

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The story is too old to be commented.