Thralled Dev: "Next Gen Consoles Too Expensive for Some People", Ouya Delivers Human Experiences

Miguel Oliveira also believes the console encourages "multiplayer couch gaming" experiences.

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Dlacy13g1872d ago

So what is the over and under on the life expectancy of the Ouya now that Amazon is filling the same space as they were trying to capture? 1yr? 2yrs?

Deadpoolio1872d ago

The internet/gamers are putting waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too much emphasis on the Amazon device being a "gaming" console. Amazon themselves aren't even marketing it as a gaming anything.

They are advertising it as a kindle fire/roku type device. The only thing any of the commercials talk about is using it to stream Tv shows and movies, it's also not an open source device

Dlacy13g1871d ago

But they have bought a full fledged game studio in Double Helix and hired some top talent like Clint Hocking to ....make games so I think its safe to assume they are putting some chips into that basket.

On the flip side...Ouya basically still just an Android Store Front.

Kevlar0091871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

It will have games as a source of revenue, but not as the focus. They won't be going in as a member for the "Current Game Generation", rather one of the hundreds of smart/multi-media devices that attempts to hold all your entertainment. Gaming is very popular, whether you're a core, casual, or mobile gamer. To not tap into everything is short-sighted

TheSleepingDoctor1872d ago

It is not the OUYA that deliver human experiences, it is the devs. The experience could easily be in the PC, a tablet or the PS4.

aerisbueller1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

yeah, was about to post that. wth is he talking about?

as if the ouya creators have been out scouting for emotion based games specifically

iNFAMOUZ11872d ago

Digital will never win!!!

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