Final Fantasy X - A Walk In The Park (Or, Seymour Guado Is Going To Punish Me For Being So Smug)

RSB writes: "Almost 15 hours into Final Fantasy X HD and, touch wood, I haven’t died once, even going so far as only using 2 Phoenix Down’s in all of my battles. <takes bow>

I’d like to think that because it’s been over a decade since I last played FFX my gaming acumen has grown to a relatively high level, for whatever that means – Being good at games means nothing in the grand scheme of things, regardless of what e-sports promoters and Dr Kawashima might tell us."

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coolasj1866d ago

All's fine and dandy in Final Fantasy 10 until a Malboro uses Bad Breath and your entire team dies before you can give them a single command.

1866d ago
rextraordinaire1866d ago

Seriously, death in the first 20-30 hours of any final fantsy game would be something to be ashamed of. Those games are not hard. You wanna die? Try a SMT game, or a game from the Saga series. Final Fantasy is not really challenging at all.

GenericNameHere1866d ago

I died in the first, I'd say ~40 minutes, into FFX lol I guess I'm a noob

But yes, FF games aren't that hard. SMT games are hardcore. SMTIV might be the easiest numbered SMT game, but it's still able to bash your face in and kick your teeth again and again and again. Even the Persona games, which is SMT for kids, is gonna make you cry.

Doesn't mean there aren't any difficult boss battles in FF though. Like any JRPG, there are bound to be pure BS from bosses and even normal hordes once in a while. Like coolasj mentioned, got ambushed by a Malboro? Just reset the game already.

silkrevolver1866d ago

See, I don't find Shin Megami games to be very hard. To be fair, I've only ever played Golden, but I very rarely had trouble during it. Maybe it's because I was obsessively doing side quests in town, so I was maybe a bit OP, but still.

rextraordinaire1866d ago

Persona is the soft side of SMT. Try games like Digital Devil Saga or Strange Journey. You'll see. ;)

belac091866d ago

try digital devil saga, probably one of the hardest jrpg's out there.

NarooN1866d ago

Well no shit. Almost every RPG game is easy, but most of them have one thing in common: the side-quest and endgame bonus stuff is where the actual challenges lie.

In FFX, as others have mentioned, a Marlboro appearance can instantly end your run in one go if he decides to use Bad Breath. Other battles are almost entirely luck-based, and some of the standard bosses in FFX could easily annihilate you if you didn't figure out how to combat them (it's not always as simple as just smashing X to make everyone attack back to back.)

It's even crazier in the extended version of FFX, with the Dark Aeons and other bonus bosses/creatures. Then there's the monster arena, which has all sorts of ridiculously-OP monsters for you to create/discover/fight.

arbitor3651866d ago

you can aeon overdrive rape most of the bosses in the game, but yunalesca throws out that megadeath BS and if you get ambushed by a marlboro its pretty much instant death for your party.

Hicken1866d ago

To be fair, it IS a bit easier than in the past.

But things like the dark aeons later on make up for it, especially since it makes you wary of randomly going back to places (do NOT return to Besaid once you get the airship. It's auto death if you try to enter the village at that point). That makes becoming OP more difficult, too.

I didn't die until Gagazet, then Yunalesca, then a dark aeon. Bad breath didn't kill me.

Donnywho1866d ago

It's like a reverse slot machine... eventually you will hit the Jackpot, which is your death.

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