Customizable Animated Game Characters - InDee Toons

InDee Toons is a library of customizable animated 2D game characters for indie developers.
The project is currently live on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

The project allows anybody to create their own unique animated game characters in a few clicks, similar to how a paper doll works, which doesn't require any artistic skills and is a lot of fun.

On top of being provided as premade sprite packs, the toons can be freely customized by exchanging parts between different characters and by making use of the unique custom head generator every toon comes with.

As soon as the funding goal is reached, backers of the Kickstarter will decide what themes they want to have for the additional characters that are not yet created.

InDee Toons brings billions of different combinations, so you can have the actors of your game tailored to your needs without having to hire an artist.

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PixelNinja1864d ago

I remember seeing this, but seeing it as a developer, it would only be useful for people who are practicing making games.

God forbid if people used this in actual games for sale; it's like when all of them crappy GoAnimate animations were made on Youtube.

1864d ago
gchead1864d ago

If the customization is as promised, this is definitely worth a try.