Glory vs. Fun: Did Sakurai Just Fool the Pro Smash Community?

Hardcore Gamer: The newly dropped news regarding Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS’s online play has rattled the cages of how Smash Brothers is interpreted in the competitive fighting game scene, but how can the upcoming installments to this much-loved series cater to two extremely different fanbases?

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ValKilmer1869d ago

Ugh, you gotta go after the hardcore with this series. Sure little Johnny third grader will want the game, but only if his college brother hypes it up because it's genuinely a solid game/

randomass1711869d ago

They're accommodating both kinds of players. Why isolate it to just the niche crowd when lots of newcomers may want to play?

ShinMaster1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Smash was already accessible. Catering to both casual/for fun players and the more hardcore players.

Sakurai apparently doesn't like pro players. He even added tripping in Brawl and changed the controls, which are some of the reasons why Melee remains the main competitive Smash game.

Ab-NoR-maL-1867d ago

I understand that what Sakurai thinks he is attempting to do is cater to both competitive and casual alike, but why would he intentionally sabotage the competitive scene in terms of gameplay mechanics (which is really what is most important to the competitive side)?

Take Melee for example. Simple to pick up and play casually while being difficult to master at the same time. The advanced mechanics of competitive play did not affect the goofy 4 person Free For Alls with your buddies. Both the competitive and casual scene enjoyed the game. The game even ended up being the top selling game for the Gamecube.

Now look at Brawl. While it was a massive success in terms of sales, it was not well received by the competitive scene. Slowed down gameplay and highly rewarding for campy playstyle drove the competitive scene back to Melee and to make a "hack" for Brawl that made the game more like Melee (but with better balance).

You may argue that Brawl had better sales than Melee (over 11 million Brawl sales vs around 7 million Melee sales I believe), so they must have done the right thing by slowing down the game, but this isn't necessarily true. If you look at the sales of the Wii compared to the sales of the Gamecube, the Wii absolutely blows out the Gamecube (over 100 million Wiis vs about 20 million Gamecubes). That being said, Melee was owned by about 1 out of every 3 Gamecube owners, while Brawl was owned by about 1 out of every 10 Wii owners, so you could argue that Melee could have been more successful than Brawl if more Gamecubes were sold.

The point that I'm trying to make is that casual players will pretty much enjoy any Super Smash Bros game that is made, while competitive players will be more particular about the game they're playing (it's to be expected when someone is more dedicated about something). It just seems that Sakurai has a personal vendetta for the competitive scene, and refuses to give them anything they want.

Dravidian1868d ago

I think you're underestimating the power of Mario and Pikachu on a video game cover together...

Chrischi19881868d ago

I know why you say that, because back then, like me, you probably liked Pokemon up to the first 151 and after that it just wasnt the same anymore... But I know, Pokemon did not die, even though I did not hear to much about it. The thing is, Pokemon is still super huge, we are just to old, my nephew who is in 5th grade, is a huge Pokemon fan and he told me all the kids at school are.

Sammyto1868d ago

I dont know why ppl complain so much ssb is the type of game u can play in almost anyway if u dont wanna play hc just play the other way around unless u need a handicap mode to have fun

eaise1869d ago

The article is wrong about the 1v1. For Glory makes 1v1 possible online but it doesn't happen every time.

Kinda off topic: I will be playing on both of the online modes depending on what mood I'm in

randomass1711868d ago

It may be possible to choose whether you play 1v1, 2v2 or Free for All. Brawl's online had similar options in spite of how poor it was.

MNGamer-N1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

I am going to play this game for fun. Pretty sure I won't be good enough to compete with all the professional die hard smash players out there. Plus didn't they say no items in the "for glory" mode? I love items. So I'll probably play for fun more than the other.

randomass1711868d ago

Don't sell yourself short. I think since Smash has such a simplistic play style, anyone can become good enough to be competitive with practice and some mastering. :)

Are_The_MaDNess1868d ago

well the new global ranking system will also be in play with matchmaking. so im hoping we wont get matched with pro guys all the time >____<

choujij1868d ago

I don't mind if it caters to both, as long as it does "hardcore" well. I really wanted to like brawl, especially since Sonic was in it. But I only really started enjoying it since Project M was released.

wonderfulmonkeyman1868d ago

Rather than fooled, I'm going to go with the term "fed".
He gave both sides a slice of heaven by finding a way to cater to two distinctly different styles of play at once.

I wish people would quit trying to downplay all the good things that are coming out of Smash's development...

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