Driveclub Director Confirms 2014 Release, Clarifies Details on Microtransactions and Racing Wheels

Many have been wondering if Driveclub will really make a 2014 release, and that’s not too surprising considering the mystery surrounding basically every detail on the game’s development.
Today Design Director Paul Rustchynsky confirmed that the game is saferly headed for the shelves this year, but he declined to give a more precise timeline, also providing further details on microtransactions and compatible wheels.

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Abash1870d ago

Yes! I love the gameplay in every racing game from Evolution, I am really happy I get to play it sometime this year still.

xHeavYx1870d ago

Let it be June 12! (Sony's E3 day)

Livecustoms1870d ago

I was told it was the 10th ?

ZodTheRipper1870d ago

At least some good news for a change wheel support is definately appreciated. Now just don't make the game "forgetable" ...I'm expecting at least a 8/10 after all these delays.

goku1870d ago

It probably will be June 9th like last year.

chrismichaels041870d ago

Im so excited for this game. I hope the rumors are true as well and we see a June release following E3. MLB14 The Show (May), Drive Club (June) and The Last of Us Remastered (Jul/Aug) will make an awesome summertime exclusive lineup for the PS4.

1870d ago
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Kurisu1870d ago

I think I'll get the PS+ version of this game when I get a PS4. I'm not totally sold on Drive Club yet. It looks amazing graphically but gameplay wise MotorStorm looks to have been more fun. Won't know until I play, though, and if I like it I'll buy the full retail version when it gets a price drop.

king_george1869d ago

Well i think motorstorm and driveclub cater to two different types of racing fans. Hope Evolution revisits Motorstorm but driveclub is looking really solid

lelo1870d ago

I cringe every time I hear Microtransactions.

Irishguy951870d ago

g25 hopefully support for me :P

Although I dunno how fun it will be using a racing wheel for an Arcade type racer

Abriael1870d ago

When I tried it with a wheel it felt really nice.

frostypants1870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

I actually prefer a normal controller for arcade and arcade-sim racers.

Tempest3171869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

Ive used my g25 for all kinds of sims and arcade racers, and for me its no comparison...I hate racing games without my wheel now. Its just so much more immersive imo. Really hope more games will support it this gen, and not force an upgrade to a newer wheel. I probably wont buy this if it doesnt support my wheel, I got nfs rivals and it was a real letdown playing with a controller again

skydragoonity1870d ago

I just need a date to calm me....

Dissidia1870d ago

Likewise, Driveclub was one of my top reasons for buying my ps4 at launch

scott1821870d ago

you will stay calm for months with eharmony!

dumahim1870d ago

Release date confirmation doesn't confirm the release date.

Abriael1870d ago

In fact it Confirms the release window, not the release date.

grashopper1870d ago

I am really curious to see a breakdown of the differences of the plus version and the 60 dollar one.
Will be interesting to see how much 60 bucks will pay for outside the plus version almost everyone will have.
Just seems like a sticky situation. Too little and the plus users will be upset, too much and the people paying for it will.
Can't wait to see it finished.

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The story is too old to be commented.