Xbox Boss: No Big Announcements at PAX; Gives Info on Sunset Overdrive and Project Spark

Phil Spencer has been fairly silent for a couple days on Twitter, but since today it’s the first day of PAX East, he saw fit to make sure that you keep your expectations in check, at least for what Microsoft is concerned, also giving more info on Sunset Overdrive and Project Spark.

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Gozer1872d ago

Content packs for Project Spark themed around some of MS top titles sounds like a good idea. They mention Conker and Battletoads as examples. Fool around in Project Spark with Conkers assets, that would be pretty neat. Make it happen Phil. I wonder what other games could be used like this.

2cents1872d ago

I am the mighty poo...
and Im going to throw my sh1t at yooooo...


2cents1871d ago

wow, no sense of humour here then.

Just in case the disagreeing people don't know, this isn't some random insult, its a quote from conkers bad fur day from one of the most epic bosses in gaming history. The Mighty Poo!

Cloudyday711872d ago

I'm so hyped for Project Overdrive! This is the type of triple A title that will sell systems.

Septic1872d ago

You mean Sunset Overdrive? We haven't seen any gameplay for it.

Docknoss1871d ago

Septic - "Or maybe he's just an Xbox fan hence why he's only in Xbox articles? Maybe if some others followed suit and didn't feel urge to needlessly go into topics concerning other platforms only to deride them, this place would be a better place?" Very well said, stay classy

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raWfodog1872d ago

Did you just combine the two games or something?

Cloudyday711869d ago

er... don't know what happened there, of course it is Sunset Overdrive. Maybe I was thinking about Project Morpheus or maybe I was using my tablet and autocorrect kicked in.

@andrewsqual. This place is getting scary. I say I'm excited about a game and people come on writing paragraphs to attack me and say my feelings are wrong!

andrewsqual1872d ago

Lol "so hyped" for a game that you can't even name properly? Why are you so hyped? You are the biggest Insomniac Games fan, even though you more than likely have never purchased a game from them before? Is it the way Insomniac Games use their own proprietary game engines to be able to make a game exactly the way they want it without the restrictions of other developers inabilities like Unreal or Cryengine? If none of these, what are your reasons for being "so hyped" for a game I know nothing about and you even less?

marlinfan101871d ago


the game looks cool, why can't he be hyped about it? the trailer looked like its gonna be a fun game. big deal, he typed the name wrong, omg.

some things just aren't that big of a deal, idk why people always feel the need to call someone out about every little thing.

Kingthrash3601871d ago

man i never seen a fanboy own himself...project overdrive? lol havent even seen the game in action nor does he know the games name, but he's "so hyped"
man...smh. how would you know its a system seller it you never seen it before?
i'm thinking you never seen the reveal trailer, you just wanna hear yourself sound like a gamer...and only succeeded to sound like a blind fanboy who would try to like any and everything that has to do with your console of choice. hows bout you get a real opinion before you post? stop making things up to fit in...u aint gotta lie to kick it.

VegasDawg1871d ago

Actually I like other gamers opinions if we were all like minded we would never learn anything, it's just the retarded fanBOYs the see to ruin the site.

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Septic1872d ago

"As a final funny bonus about E3, Spencer replied to a fan that suggested to imitate a hilarious webcomic drawn by the ever-creative Tim Buckley at CTRL-ALT-DEL."

Abriael babes...whats this about?

Convas1872d ago

Yeah. He's laughing because it's the truth xD

Septic1872d ago

Lmao that's brilliant.

Cheers for that.

Godmars2901871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Didn't Jack Trentton do that exact same thing at the E3 where the PS4 was announced?

randomass1711871d ago

OH MY GOD, I hope he does that E3! That'd make history.

thrust1872d ago

Thought they said they had to much :/

Convas1872d ago

Obviously, they're thinking about Gamescom/SDCC/Tokyo Games Show, etc when they have to move stuff out of E3 mang.

No_Limit1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

This is PAX. The Penny Arcade Expos is never about any new revealing, just showing existing games or games that is already known and coming out within a short period of time. Like Convas said, it will be spread out to the bigger expos.

marlinfan101871d ago

@ no limit.

i don't think people understand the point of the different conferences, well i know they don't actually. like after BUILD, people were complaining about them showing the cloud demo instead of revealing a game that uses it.

kreate1871d ago

I guess they didn't have much and was just a PR talk. gotta play the waiting game to see what happens.

truefan11872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

That's cool hopefully they showcase some indie games (FILLERS) to add to the collection until the E3 announcements. Looking forward to the Sunset Overdrive reveal in edge magazine and I'm already enjoying the project spark beta.

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