Games Going Easy On Us Over The Years Rant - Gamer Chatter

Edward goes into detail about video games going easy on us over the years.

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randomass1712308d ago

Games have indeed gotten easier. But I think that's just to make them more accessible. I'd rather a game balance challenge rather than provide relentlessly difficult tasks for me to do, but then some of the most fun games are very hard ones.

TitanUp2307d ago

well im glad their are so many genres in modern gaming i love a mix of indies and aaa and i find difficulty depends on what type of games you play.

back in the nes and snes days almost everything you played was hard.

randomass1712307d ago

That's because back in those days console games were competing with arcades which were also relentlessly hard. In Japan they still kind of do, but the point is they've gotten easier as a response to arcades dying down and more families and casual gamers getting into buying consoles.