Sony shows a few new Resistance: Fall of Man screenshots

As if we hadn't seen enough screenshots and trailers of the PLAYSTATION 3's biggest shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man, Sony now comes with a few new images of the game.

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Silver Bull3t4446d ago

Guess there's no such thing as a left handed alien ;)

Arkham4445d ago

So you can accept the presence of an *alien*, but not the absence of left-handed aliens?

Priorities, man! ;)

Logan4445d ago

thats not too shabby, I used to look at this as game where you just look at it and ignore it, but now im thinking a bit differently. I still have to play it though.

Arkham4445d ago

Another fine contribution.

Well, at least you're consistent.

no_more_heroes4445d ago

looks like HL2 to me. At least I'll be getting a game that I'm sure is awesome with my ps3 in June next year for my birthday. Don't know about Heavenly Sword or Lair yet, though they look promising. Getting a 360 this christmas though (it's cheaper and has GOW, F.E.A.R, and TDU. Even Kameo because I love platformers).

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