The Last of Us Remastered Announcement Trailer

PlayStation: Winner of over 200 Game of the Year awards, The Last of Us Remastered features the critically and commercially acclaimed game fully realized on the PlayStation®4 system in 1080p.

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amnalehu1746d ago

Yeah, I'll have to go in for a second time as well.

xHeavYx1746d ago

"This game is anticipated to be rated mature"
Lol, you don't way.
Can't wait for this

ArmGunar1746d ago

Simple. Class.

A Masterpiece for those who could not play it on PS3 !

1746d ago
Army_of_Darkness1746d ago

I haven't bought it for the ps3 yet, so I'm definitely getting this on the ps4... Good thing I have a crazy high volume of games to still play, otherwise I would have played this by now.

DragonKnight1746d ago

As much as I love TLOU, probably one of the best games I have ever played in my life, I have to say that this is a blatant cash grab that Sony should be ashamed of.

The PS3 is not an ancient console, The Last of Us is not even a year old, and there is no justification for re-releasing this game at full retail price.

I don't want to hear "but it's good for people who haven't played it yet" or "but it comes with all the DLC" or "it's for fans of the game."

To those reasons I reply with "buy a PS3 and the game" and "that's no reason to be charging full price for a game that's just receiving some graphical overhauls and isn't even a year old yet" and "play your original copy of TLOU again."

These practices need to end. It's one thing to remaster an old game, like PS1 to early PS3 old, but this is a game that isn't even a year old yet. It's clearly a move to make up for slow releases of games on the PS4.

Sony should have Naughty Dog focusing on new games, not remastering a game you can currently buy for $50 new.

Bathyj1746d ago

People were asking for it from the time it released. That's all the justification you need. Plus you say its 50 on ps3, isn't the dlc, the graphic upgrade, the share button worth the extra 10 by bucks?

If you think no, then exercise the choice you've been given and don't buy it. Judging by the fans reactions, many don't feel that way so there is obviously a demand for this.

Thantalas1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

@DragonKnight. Many 360 owners are new owners of a PS4, they now have a chance to play this modern masterpiece.

If the game had new DLC that was only available on this edition then it would be unscrupulous because it would be forcing owners of the PS3 edition to double dip - however this is not the case. Purchase of the PS4 edition is optional so it's not a money grab.

DragonKnight1746d ago

It doesn't matter if people were asking for it or if people were 360 gamers who now have a PS4. The people asking for it are the same people who will then go on to complain about other B.S. moves that these companies make and yet give the go ahead on blatant cash grabs? It's B.S. and you know it.

Why is this ok but MGS Ground Zeroes not? Answer is it's not ok. Same crap different day. If you're against Day One DLC, On-Disc DLC, Microtransactions, releasing unfinished games, and all of the other B.S. these companies have thrown at us, you have to be against blatant cash grabs like this too.

I mean, this may as well be The Last of Us Turbo. Is Sony going to be pulling a Capcom but with less effort put behind it?

If you were a 360 fan and wanted to play TLOU, you should have bought a PS3 to do it. It's actually cheaper to buy a PS3 to do it than it will be to buy a PS4 just for some graphical enhancements and couple of DLC.

I'm sorry, but this is an unjustifiable cash grab meant to bolster the slow release of PS4 games. Fans ask for a lot of stuff that is never honored, this is only happening because the game is still fresh in people's minds. But it's $50 on the PS3, and will be $60 on the PS4. That's robbery plain and simple.

Why you people support things like this and the Tomb Raider remaster at full price is beyond me to understand, but you're telling these companies that certain types of gouging and corporate B.S. are ok. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile.

scootscottskeet931746d ago

Dragon... if you don't want the game then don't buy it. Its not your place to tell people what they should do with their money. I had the game for ps3 and got the platinum for it and still am buying it for the ps4. I didn't know that the remastered version came with all the dlc in which i didn't play any of, so thanks for giving me another reason to purchase the game again. This is hands down the best game (I have ever played)and can't wait to play again with updated graphics. Everybody should get to experience a game as great as this and my friends that didn't own a ps3 but now own a ps4 will get to.

Sportsknurd1745d ago

This is a great move by Sony for me. =) I had a ps3 and was extremely close in purchasing TLOU and Beyond 2 Souls, but I didn't because I knew I'd be getting a PS4. So now this comes along and I am one happy customer!

Peanut butter jelly time!

AceBlazer131745d ago

-free 27 gigs off my ps3
-dlc i was about to buy included free
-upgraded graphics
-no longer have to switch systems to play it
-second breath for the mp
-it's one of the best games ever

Yeah i'll drop another 60 on it.

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The_Devil_Hunter1746d ago

Does anyone know if the trophies will be across PS3 and PS4?

Toon_Link1746d ago

I believe on the ps blog or on Ign they said they are separate trophies so you will have to earn them again. For me that's a bonus, I'll definitely give this version a couple more playthroughs.

Ratty1746d ago

If they're separate then I hope they're not the same trophies. I'll probably get the platinum again but other challenges would be welcome.

-Foxtrot1746d ago


Really....the least they could of done was give us some trophies to get

Toon_Link1746d ago

I'm with you on this one, I almost never rebuy a game but this time I can't help myself. I guess its a good thing this comes out in summer guaranteeing I got the extra cash to spend.

Lior1746d ago

60 bucks is highway robbery, they are basically turning the graphics settings up just like a graphics setting menu on a pc game. IT DOESNT EVEN LOOK THAT MUCH BETTER, why are sony drones all over this when tomb raider definitive edition was charging 60 bucks and everyone went crazy about the price

DeadMansHand1746d ago

Lior, it also includes all dlc.

Stick891746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

$40 for the basic game reworked, and $20 for all the DLC equalssss *wait for it*.... $60. Bam! Try harder.

Edit: @Lior, not you Deadmanshand, I agree with you.

dadz1746d ago

Haha, thank you I've been asking myself that as well.

1746d ago
Conzul1746d ago

I have an idea! Every time a new language dominates the planet, let's NOT translate the Bible; Homer's Odyssey; Sun Tzu's Art of War; or any other work of art so that new generations can appreciate it. Yeah, let's NOT do that. But if we somehow get the crazy notion to go ahead and DO IT, we need to do it for free.
'Cus, you know. It's EXACTLY the same thing it was before.

Sony drones, LOL.
Glad to drone for cultured AAA titles, I am.

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Thantalas1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

double post

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Blackleg-sanji1746d ago

double dipping with full pride on this one its a no brainer

PygmelionHunter1746d ago

Not enough to pay full price again, IMHO.

Everyone should play this game at least once, though, so if you happen to own a PS4, don't even hesitate. The same goes for PS3 owners who haven't already played it, and it's slightly cheaper on PS3, also, it might as well drop in price even more now that the PS4 version is releasing.

TheGrimReaper00111746d ago

seriously though people, he said that everyone should at least play it once and I agree, but this is hardly worth the 60 dollar price tag, just like with tomb raider. The game is BARELY a year old!
Besides, when I was hoping for some Naughty Dog on PS4, I was really hoping for something new.
I'm excited to see what Uncharted will be, but I dont care for this remake, Naughty Dog or not
I wish they were going to make a new IP

These guys brought us Crash Bandicoot, Jak And Daxter, Uncharted and last year's Last of Us

Wouldn't you rather want them to do something new with this new hardware?

BattleTorn1746d ago

I commend you to sticking to your guns! |

I won't be able to.

Shane Kim1746d ago

The grimreaper. To think that Sonys number one developer isn't doing anything new is rather stupid.

Now I need to wipe the jizz off my screen after this trailer.

frostypants1746d ago

Can't disagree. Loved TLoU. LOVED it. But I don't feel the need to play through it again, at least not at $60. Maybe if they have some kind of trade-up offer or something.

Still a great idea to release a PS4 version though. If you haven't played this game, you owe it to yourself as a gamer to rectify that...

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HeWhoWalks1746d ago

It says Naughty Dog on it (again). Double dip? Yup!