Sega ships Sonic the Hedgehog for Xbox 360

Gaming icon celebrates 15th anniversary with first adventure for the next-generation console.

SEGA today announced that Sonic The Hedgehog has shipped in North America for the Xbox 360. Celebrating his 15th anniversary this year, Sonic The Hedgehog brings his fast feet and feisty attitude to new next generation heights in his most intense, high velocity adventure yet. The game will also ship for the PLAYSTATION 3 this holiday season.

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bizzy124448d ago

the only i am buying this if they fix the controles and i thougth the game was 40 dollars not 60

fablex4448d ago

game is really 60, comes from SEGA's press releasy about the game.

Antan4448d ago

Oh man i cannot wait to play this!! it rocks SSSSSSOOOOOOOOO much!!! i wonder if i can play as the plumber chap??

TheSadTruth4448d ago

i loved the original dreamcast version but I have a feeling this will be complete garbage

fablex4448d ago

it cant be worse then the last sonic on the xbox, that one was a disaster...

zonetrooper54448d ago

I downloaded the demo and i played the demo for 5 minutes and it did not feel right, the controls felt too loose and it did not play like i would imagine Sonic would. Have fun playing this if you bought it.

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