The Dwindling Need for The Last of Us on PlayStation Now

PlayStation Beat:The Last of Us is coming to the PlayStation 4 in the Remastered Edition, which will include all downloadable content. What’s this mean for TLOU on PlayStation Now?

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KinjoTakemura3220d ago

Some people don't want to pay full price. Playstation Now is the perfect alternative.

3220d ago
ArchangelMike3220d ago

Exactly. PSNow allows you to rent games. Heck I'm sure there'll be a try-before-you-buy option. So you can rent it and if you like it then buy it digitally.

TLOU will be one of PSNow poster games.

3220d ago
listenkids3220d ago

Since when was PS now solely aimed at PS4 owners?

fenome3220d ago

Exactly! PS Now is also still in beta form so they're still testing it out. They've said that their longtime goal with it is to try to release the FULL Playstation library, not just a handful of games. People love to over-analyze things. lol

jay23220d ago

It'll come to PSNow, it's huge, award winning etc. Month before uncharted 4 comes out it'll be the PS+ free game too, watch.

3220d ago
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