GTA 5's online mode is the "gift that keeps on giving," Take-Two says about its monetary opportunity

In the past, Take-Two would ship a product and the collect its money, but now the company can create platforms that allow for recurrent consumer spending, CEO Strauss Zelnick says.

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SuperBlur3523d ago

enough , give us a proper GTA MMO , where we can travel between LC/SA/VC and maybe even London ! :D

(God that mmo would be huge on a hdd :O)


GTA 6’s biggest competition? GTA 5 with mods

GTA 6 looks like it's just over the horizon, and it looks like there's going to be only one game that can compete with it - GTA 5 with mods.

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Mr_cheese17d ago

It's really not.. before long GTA6 will be modded just as much, if not better with what ever tech they bring

Tal16917d ago

Yeah fair point, although GTA V mods really are stunning... very unlikely the base game will come close to some of the most powerful ones out there IMO

PapaBop17d ago

GTA 5 still holds up so well today especially with mods but I imagine many like myself are ready to see what GTA 6 can bring to the table.

GhostScholar17d ago

There’s not a franchise that I’ve grown tired of more than gta. I couldn’t care less about gta 6. Especially if it has multiple protagonists.

Magog17d ago

Nah. Most people don't play GTA on PC


GTA V Soon to Get DLSS 3 Mod, Improving AA and Doubling FPS

Modder PureDark showed a video demonstration of his work-in-progress GTA V DLSS 3 mod, which improves antialiasing and doubles FPS.

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GTA 6’s Publisher Says Video Games Should Theoretically Be Priced At Dollars Per Hour

Forbes writes: "While Take-Two is riding high on their announcement that a GTA 6 trailer is coming, its CEO has some…interesting ideas on how much video games could cost, part of a contingent of executives that believe games are underpriced, given their cost, length or some combination of the two."

robtion20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

Yeah I'm thinking this CEO has not heard of of quality over quantity.

I think pacing is more important than game length.

outsider162420d ago

Dollars per hour. MW3 should be 3 dollars then for its campaign.

neutralgamer199220d ago

Exactly but that they want to charge a base $70 price. Honestly only way things will change is a major gaming crash. People say it’s not possible but history has through the greed leaves fi bad decisions and that ends up crashing the market

Too many suits who never heard of games just want to invest so they can make a profit. They rather have the least amount of development resources. So many OG R* devs have already already

bradfh20d ago

Coming from the same company that charge for Xbox360/PS3, Xbox 1/PS4, and Xbox X or S/PS5

badz14919d ago

But they care charging $63 for the MP

OptimusDK19d ago

If you only buy for the campaign

wesnytsfs19d ago

Yep and Spiderman 2 is like 10 bucks. Disappointed in both titles for their length raise prices and they shorten campaign stories.

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1Victor20d ago

Expect a mayor digital service to take this into consideration for their 15 year plans.

StormSnooper19d ago

What a greedy idiot.

I swear they are trying to push us to that with services.

I say F you GTA guy.

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LordoftheCritics20d ago

Ah so that's why RDR2 opening was super slow.

Number1TailzFan20d ago

Lmao how greedy can they get, sit on piles of cash and still want more. Then they have the cheek to release half assed remasters.

Terry_B20d ago

Due to this statement I am going to wait and buy GTA 6 when it is at 20 bucks. Its not like there are not more than enough other good games to play.

ShwaaMan20d ago

I hear you, but can you even get GTA 5 for $20 unless it’s a sale or something? They have milked every ounce out of that game, and kept the price above $40 for at least 5 years after its launch.

StormSnooper19d ago

He can with a physical copy. Which is why they are pushing us to digital only future.

Profchaos20d ago

Good luck GTA v took years to get there

shinoff218320d ago

I dont agree with him as far as sentiment but I do buy my games like that. I'll pay full price for rpgs but not a shorter game unless it's an uncharted or last of us type game(not just those literally) I'm more inclined to pay full price for a dragon quest games instead of a Alan wake or something to that extent.

jznrpg20d ago

I got a lot of hours in Uncharted playing on hardest difficulty but I get what you are saying. Callisto Protocol , Bright Menory Infinite and short games like that I will generally wait on those.

senorfartcushion20d ago

I go the opposite route. Games like Bright Memory and such I pay for full price and leave the longer games.