Killer Instinct - More Season Two Hints Dropped

MP1st - With the release of the Fulgore update that added the new character and included the much requested Story Mode and Online Lobbies, Microsoft is now dropping more hints for Season Two of Double Helix’s – now Iron Galaxy’s – Killer Instinct Xbox One remake.

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Fireseed1657d ago


Along with revealing that Fulgore is indeed Thunders long lost brother (Called it!) and there was a romantic connection between Orchid and him, things are getting REALLY interesting! :D

lets_go_gunners1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Orchid is romantically involved with a 7 foot Native American Beast?

ghostface91657d ago

Great news for KI fans and everybody who interested in KI needs to go subscribe to Maximillians youtube channel hes the one who made the first video on here

Santana1657d ago

Yep. Hopefully they reveal the season two trailer at EVO.

Avalanche1657d ago

too bad this game is terrible.

Santana1657d ago

Any reasons why you think it's terrible?

Convas1657d ago


I think you need to reevaluate this statement and try again.

Gotcha51657d ago

Your eye site is terrible "Wally Cockeye"...

Qrphe1657d ago

It's my favorite fighting game in a long time; it's not very difficult to master chosen mains. However, I'm pretty much a casual fighting game fan.

Errefus1657d ago Show
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JBTheMC1657d ago

Please have TJ Combo in season 2.

Santana1657d ago

Him, along with Cinder and Riptor have the highest chance of making it to the game.

HacSawJimThugin1657d ago

He's my favorite character. I'm loving this game and would love it even more if he made it into season 2.

incendy351657d ago

I am all set now that Fulgore is out. That was my main wish, I am happy!

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The story is too old to be commented.