Less than one PS3 game per console sold at launch

Enterbrain, publisher of Famitsu, has revealed the the tie-in ratio of software to PlayStation 3 sales is 0.98 – less than one game per console.

The figure suggests that a portion of the 88,400 units sold were bought with the intention of selling on as part of the 'grey market', the unofficial channel for second hand machines via internet auctions and retail stores, which label the stock as 'used'.

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frostbite064451d ago

Hell yah, no where else better to jack up the price then ebay

Grown Folks Talk4451d ago

they're not going to buy games to sell with the console because they can't jack those prices up like they do the system. the attach rate will continue to be low until the internet scalpers release their shipments.

DG4451d ago

people just like their $600 blue ray player.

THWIP4451d ago

1.) The 360 was ALSO sold in large #s on eBay....but that didn't stop it from having a 3-1 attach rate.

2.) If the PS3 can't sell games, more and more devs will be defecting to the 360 and Wii; Sony has ALREADY lost a ton of dev support and exclusives, compared to last gen. It will get worse, before it gets better.

Capt CHAOS4451d ago

What do they expect if they sell a gaming console that's also a media center, a web browser and a Blueray player? They should have stuck to a console and if they didn't want to shove blueray down people's throat, they should have had a version which was just DVD..

PS360WII4451d ago

Specially 2.1 they may have just made the next psp... to many things in it they may have forgotten about marketing it for games also. Thwip glad you mentioned Wii might get some of the devs too ^^

jedicurt4451d ago

No, they should not of had a dvd version. Blu-ray will be used for games aswell as movies. which means if they released a dvd only version, then you would not be able to play every game on it. then everyone would be complaining that there is no point in the dvd version because you can't play all the games

come on, sony is damned if they do, and damned if they don't

i will agree with the whole media center, and the PC concepts they have thrown at us, and i will agree that there really wasn't a need for a web browser. but blu-ray is the media they selected and i will wait and see if i like it before i criticize it.

you are right, sony should have focused more on promoting the game console applications of the unit. they should have been more open about the development over the last few years. but don't try and tell me that they would have been better off creating a unit that would cut off half of the games made for the console. that is just a ridiculous idea

TOM4451d ago

I'm sure this has something to do with the ratio,but I would say that the lack of good games(read,all hte games suck). Xbox was sold in the same manner but the ratio was and is much much higher.Even at the time of release.

BIadestarX4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

If this was true, than people would wait to buy the PS3 until there are good games. How many people do you know that [want] would buy a game console and not buy a game on launch day?

TOM4451d ago

I would say that at over $600 just to get it out the door ,its a possbility they just cant afford an aditional 60 or 120 for 1 or two games. But if the ratio goes up quite a bit then its clearly the ebay issue.If it was the sales will go up today,wouldnt you agree?

Ugly American4451d ago

Bladestar, I got in line and bought the PS3 without too much thought of what games I would play. I just wanted to be able to say that I had one. I just picked up Resistance: Fall of Man for the pure reason that it is something I don't have on the 360.

BIadestarX4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

@Ugly American, you must have money then.
Not everyone goes and buy a console unless they are planning to play games with it. Thats like buying a car just to say you have one. Then again I've done things like that before, just not with $600.00.

Ugly American4451d ago

I am a technology whore. I can't help it. Maybe I need to go to Amsterdam to break this addiction... maybe get hooked on prostitutes instead.

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Boink4451d ago

that just shows that games were not able to get ahold of the consold they wanted, which is just sad.

God of Gaming4451d ago

Makes sense.. the console is 600 bucks... not everyone is made of money. Who will make out big on this is Gamefly and GameznFlix.

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