First Screenshots of Sony's New Sandbox Zombie Game H1Z1 is Eerie, Has Torches

Today Sony Online Entertainment is going to showcase the very first glimpse on the upcoming post-apocalyptic sandbox zombie survival MMO (that’s a mighty long definition) H1Z1, and the very first screenshots of the game captured off the screen has been unveiled.


added official message from SOE's president describing the game in detail.

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DeletedAcc1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

could be a fun coopgame

MysticStrummer1678d ago

People disagreed with that? Amazing. It is an MMO after all…

Can't wait to see/read/hear more about this.

PoSTedUP1678d ago

torches, mmo, zombies: i'm down.

alexkoepp1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Really a pretty good plan since dayZ ain't making its way to consoles any time soon, might as well give the people what they want.

edit: oh thought this was a ps4 game, nevermind then, this game already exists lol

TheGreatAndPowerful1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

This footage is from Jan, they're going to be streaming the latest build of the game next week

H1Z1 MMO - Alpha Gameplay

Lord_Sloth1677d ago

FINALLY! A game where I can have my own ZPoc survival crew!

justSumDood1677d ago

They must limit the PvP. We've seen this gameplay in EVERY other survival horror MMO. And while it is rewarding in it's own way, I'd still like to see this type of game with a focus on co-operation and a fostering of socialization.

Kidmyst1677d ago

Wonder if they'd ever bring this to PS4 like DC Universe

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SilentNegotiator1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

If they're going to make a DayZ-reminiscent game, they had better at least give you more things to do than collect things and avoid death.

SaturdayNightBeaver1678d ago

it already smashes DayZ IMO.. that game is so trash, this will be better DayZ will be alpha 3 more years and by then it will be outdated as crap IMO

Bruce_Wayne1678d ago

Please surprise us with a PS4 release.

Abriael1678d ago

If the previous track record counts, it's probably gonna be PC soon, PS4 Soon + a few months.

randomass1711678d ago

I see some Last of Us inspiration in this one...

Godmars2901678d ago

Its pretty much mandated that anything SOE does from now on will be playable on the PS4.

mark3214uk1677d ago

maybe a option to use the vr :)

BEASELY1678d ago

I have a very good feeling this is heading to PS4 at some point.

SaturdayNightBeaver1678d ago

r u even reading internets? its coming on PC then PS4 its Sony why even say that...

Bruce_Wayne1677d ago

@ Beaver

Yeah, I've been reading and I was almost certain it would be releasing for PS4, but I didn't want to get my hopes up in case the worst happened. Ever heard of that strategy?

incendy351677d ago

I am sure we will get a port later. I will just get it on PC though most likely, since that is their primary dev platform.

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BitbyDeath1678d ago

Looks great, hopefully this will be free2play and not the horrible pay2play model Elder Scrolls has, or better yet how bout we just buy the game outright and purchase expansions as they arrive.

Abriael1678d ago

All SOE games are Hybrid with Free to Play, Microtransactions and Optional Subscription

morganfell1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

The All Access Pass for a subscription version is hard to pass up. Quite the bargain. They are still working the implementation but at $14.99 for all titles it's a lot of gaming for the buck.

elhebbo161678d ago

You probably never played Everquest 2.

christian hour1678d ago

It wil be free to play with microtransactions, but they will not be pay to win, will most likely just be cosmetic based transactions which you can very easily do without.

Really looking forward to this :) DayZ was fun for a while but all my friends gave up on it because improvements and updates were few and far between, plus it required a behemoth to run the thing.

This will do nicely for me. Until then, I'm just gonna keep hosting my ProjectZomboid server with friends and enjoy the hell out of that amazing experience :)

justSumDood1677d ago

ALL free to play ARE pay to win since the most important features are locked out. Those features are usually the ones that, while absent, hinder your progression.

Example, your friend buys into the subscription, but you opt out. He is now leveling at a rate twice as fast as you and subsequently is leaving you behind, since you can no longer group together. In this scenario, those paying the sub will reach their goals first. They Win.

Forcing you to pay the subscription in order to progress at the "intended" pace is Paying to Win.

Not only that, but once you start paying the subscription it doesn't take long before you have paid MORE for the game than if you had bought it outright.

Free to play is the bane of gamers.

Maxor1677d ago

Anyone who think free play are exactly that are naive or just lying to themselves. Planetside 2 is definitely play to win and this game will be no different.

Plus free to play sucks because they have a habit of attracting worst gaming scum on the planet.

christian hour1675d ago

justSumDood I've played several F2P games that are NOT pay to win. You're obvioulsy focusing on the ones that are and choosing to ignore the ones that arent.

What about Forza? Theres a game you pay 60 quid for and then it also has a pay to win model? Now THAT is a complete atrocity to gaming.

h1z1 doesnt have a leveling system so there is no xp boosting bonuses for those paying a sub. All a sub will bring you (most likely) is access to more cosmetic options and maybe cheaper deals on the microtransaction front of cosmetics (what mmo doesnt have those?)and probably a few extra character slots.

The game will work similar to DayZ. When you die, Your character is gone, all yr gear is on the floor for the taking. If you can get back there in time you can get your stuff back, unless someone else gets there first.

Am-No-Hero1678d ago

Cool .. " Third Person Shooter " thats nice