Sorcery! Review: A Game Good For A Read, And Not Much Else: Hardcore Droid

Hardcore Droid - Choose your own adventure, a genre of gaming seemingly lost to time, is making strides towards resurrection with the help of smart phones and tablets. Choose your own adventure (CYOA) games were novels at their core, but with a degree of control given to the reader that ultimately transformed the story into a game. The ability to make decisions for the protagonist and alter the storyline yourself was a hit and became a genre of both gaming and literature that remained in the mainstream for nearly 20 years. But, as with all popular trends, it lost steam in the 90’s before appearing completely dead by the 2000’s. Fans of the genre ask is there a way to bring these relics into the 21st century? Mobile developers think so. In the last two years a slew of CYOA games have been released for mobile devices, with names like Joe Deever and Steve Jackson in the vanguard. Steve Jackson’s latest affair, Sorcery!, does a wonderful job of replicating the old CYOA feel, but does li...

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