XBLR Podcast 30.5 - The Day After Emergence

Roundtable Topics Included!

Gears of War: Did it live up to the hype? Check out the 7 minute community shoutouts at the end featuring over 25 gamer messages about GoW!
Movies and TV on Demand: Does the 360 need it? Exclusive content a must? Could a Halo Animated Series come in to works?
Bigger 360 Hard Drive Inevitable: Is data transfer necessary for you to spend your money?
Microsoft Points for a bigger Friends List or Group Chat?
YAY or NAY with CSI, Southpark, Dave Chappelle, UFC, MI3, Jackass and more.

Show Wrap-up Discussion Includes…

Microsoft follows EA's lead in the Market Place with Viva Piniata.
The Wireless Headset: CRAPTACULAR! Half the promised quality and range but NOT worth half the price.
Xbox Community Awards 2006 hosted by, vote for your favorites!
XBL Radio Gears of War Giviaway announcement for podcast 31.0 (Win a copy of the game!).
XBL Radio Live Vision Camera Givaway contest Ends November 20, listen now to play.

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PSN Starfleets4448d ago

Crap quality. I stopped listening to it 5mins in, my ears were ringing.

Steve5194444d ago

it was because it was recorded over xbox live hence the title, live on live