1UP Interview: Behind the Music of Haze

Even sandwiched between juggernauts like Grand Theft Auto IV and next month's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Ubisoft's upcoming Haze has managed to attract a good deal of interest. But though gamers may not know it yet, one of the things clearly in Haze's favor is its musical score.

Developer Free Radical is an old hand at shooters, considering their critically acclaimed TimeSplitters series and tracing back to their founding in 1999 by former Rare employees fresh from working on GoldenEye: 007 and Perfect Dark. You can hear audio director Graeme Norgate's music in all those titles, and though he delegated composing duties for Haze, his influence still looms.

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coolfool4710d ago

I often think that music is over looked in games, less so nowadays but still somewhat.

It goes without saying that a game without good music never creates the quality or the immersion for the gamer. I love how scores a becomming "bigger". Longer tracks without repetition, bigger sounds, more instruments with a lot more variation of texture to really take the gamer through as many emotions as possible.

These are some of the aspects I love the most about modern gaming.