BioWare On Mass Effect 2 Exclusivity & More

Normally, when Joystiq wants to talk to Ray Muzyka, General Manger of BioWare, they have to camp outside his palatial mansion and wait for him to get his morning paper. He's pretty spry though, so they can usually get out "When is Mass Effect 2 go--" before he slams the door in their face. But this time, EA actually asked Joystiq to pick the good doctor's brain. Here are the results.

From the Interview:

Joystiq: "Will Mass Effect 2 be an Xbox 360 exclusive again? Will they bring a PC port day and date for Mass Effect 2? Any plans for a Mac port, since EA has pledged support for that platform?"

BioWare: "We haven't announced any specific plans yet with Mass Effect 2, so other than saying that I love the Mass Effect universe, I'll have to plead the fifth on this one!"

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LenHart4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

Will Mass Effect 2 be an Xbox 360 exclusive again? Will they bring a PC port day and date for Mass Effect 2? Any plans for a Mac port, since EA has pledged support for that platform?

We haven't announced any specific plans yet with Mass Effect 2, so other than saying that I love the Mass Effect universe, I'll have to plead the fifth on this one!


We are EA in huge debts at the moment

We will bring out Mass effect 2 for PC,PS3 ,X360 and MAC. We are bringing ME to PS3 this FALL too



Mass effect is owned by EA

MS doesnt own the IP. It was published by MS since BIOWARE couldnt find a publisher and MS wanted to have this as exclusive. MS owns the IP for Too Human,PGR BUT not MASS EFFECT

MS just act as a publisher for ME when BIOWARE was independent

EA 100% owns the IP for MASS EFFECT 1&2 and beyond

power of Green 4775d ago

Mass Effect was published by MSFT they're talking about specific plans about PC and 360.

canadianpatriot4775d ago

dont even listen to him POG he claims hes a lead game designer anything that comes out of his mouth his the equalivient of a elephant taking a big dump

AngryXbot4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

So cry us a frikkin river. Its coming to the PS3.

Why else would they not blatantly state that its a 360 exclusive if they got nothing to hide.

If its exclusive, come out like Kojima and just say its exclusive! Even though, stupid xbots still made many "MGS4 for 360" threads, we PS3 owners are much brighter and would not stoop to that kind of level.

No sir, Mass effect 2 is a EA owned IP and its an EA PUBLISHED IP. They have everything to gain by porting it to the PS3. Especially seeing how much EA made on the PS3 last year.

360 exclusive? Thats just wishful thinking at this moment.

I will say this again. Mass effect is a EA owned IP now and Mass Effect 2 is an EA PUBLISHED IP.

LenHart4775d ago

ME2 will be on 4 platforms not just PC /X360 but PC/X360/PS3 and MAC

EA is now in a very bad shape . They cant risk losing money on PC and x360 since games dont sell that well on x360 anymore

PS3 earns publishers more money thanks to european sales

canadianpatriot4775d ago

i thought you didnt care you bashed mass effect alot but now you welcome it in open arms ....hypocrite and plus mass effect probably wont be on ps3 stop crying, i love the fact that you worship a lifeless console ha! quite possibly the saddest thing since 9/11

power of Green 4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

Talking 360 and PC specifics, there's another post from the devs I can't find with the devs saying just PC and 360 only in response to fanboys twisting *Exclusive for a short time* when he was talking about Exclusive for the 360 console then there will be a PC version again.

Every thing I'v said I'v posted links with quotes, if the plans change or devs are lieing thats not my problem.


You rabid fuc you have anything to add? or are you just some simple mimded fool running around attacking people, atleast mention the topic. sheeesh.

LenHart4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

as i said earler ME /ME2 will both be on PS3

perhaps better on PS3. ME will have the DLC on PS3 too.

that garbage box 360 is the LEAST SELLING CONSOLE in the world being completely dead in europe and Japan.

PS3 outsells it 2:1 in Weely ww sales

this is not 2005. This is 2008 where PS3 has all the best games and kills XFIX ME on June 12th


that interview is months old. Bioshock was also denied for PS3 by LEVINE.

Mass effect will be announced for PS3 this e3.

ME2 will come to PS3 same time as x360 and PC versions

meepmoopmeep4775d ago

wait, POG.

i still remember how vigorously you said Bioshock was never coming to PS3. Are you as vigorous about ME as well?

Hatchetforce4775d ago

Sorry pog but published by doesn't mean squat. MS published Jade Empire on the Xbox but not the PC. Mass Effect was the same. It is publishe on the PC by EA. Kiss another exclusive goodbye.

canadianpatriot4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

whoa why the f did you call me a moron POG? i never said ME is coming on ps3.......and lol i never thought sony fanboys like mass effect this much and LOL at lenhart for calling me "toughname"
your the one who has mutiple accounts not me

lenhart/naism/shadowheart etc. you sad man and i call bs that your a lead designer (what adult acts like that)

power of Green 4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

Here's one of the quotes in response to the fanboys twisting the *exclusive for a short time* phrase.

"Even though the first concrete images or information are long in arriving, Matt Atwood (PR Manager, Bioware) has affirmed and clarified to us that Mass Effect 2 will remain exclusive on the Xbox 360, at least in “the universe of the consoles of the living room.” Yeah, eventually a version PC will be born after the second versions release, which is not a great surprise considering this kind of action already took place with the first episode. What if EA decides to push this towards PS3 anyways? Or hopes to? We’ll find out soon I suppose. But the devs say it ain’t happening.

I'm still looking for the angry direct response from the devs because of the rumors forming due to people twisting the *exclusive for a short time* phrase.

They're talking about details about PC and 360.

Sure PS3 fanboys got lucky with BioShock I was surprized too I posted many links of quotes of them saying no PS3 version. Until proven otherwise I'll keep doing it.

Anyways still looking for the direct response from the devs responding to *exclusive for a short time*rumors. MSFT, Bioware and EA already had talks early this year as far as MSFT's standing on this series. lol

The PR just gave a systematic anwser when the interviewer tried to sneak in hype/hit building questions in this post.

Man I have to put that *canadianpatriot* nut on ignor jesus!.

LenHart4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

This is not NEOTARD forum

This is N4G.

so what if somebody called you MORON???

You are not Prince Charles/ queen elizabeth who should be respected. YOu are an ordinary gamer like all of thus

get the F*** outta this forum TARD


ME will be announed in June

OK heard that now stop whinning. EA is in a very bad shape now. Their only respite is bringing the game for PS3 and make some money

MART this is 2008 not 2007

PS3 rules now. OLD DAYS are gone

gambare4775d ago

the only thing you proof with that is the angry fanboy you are, a rabid, lonely, 40yo living in your parents basement fanboy

meepmoopmeep4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

well, developers say things all the time.

let's just keep an open mind and think about the logic of it all.

EA - think about this real hard, but logically.

canadianpatriot4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

POG is LENHART you do relise this? ones a rabid xbox 360 fan and ones a rabid ps3 fan. there both 25 year old virgins , you both make me ashamed to be gamer

edit: i found an interesting story

: POG (real name- ted gaywood) and lenhart (real name mike dykson
met on e harmony and found out that they both get turned on by defending lifeless consoles and are now enjoying a happy filled life with each other , they have finally poped each others cherry after 25 lonely years

power of Green 4775d ago

I did not come here to fight with you kid you really think my original reply should warrent attack from you kids?.

chaosatom3334775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

when mass effect is confirmed for the ps3.

You can wish whatever u want POG, but it's going to happen.

canadianpatriot4775d ago

pog/lenhart your making fun of me cause im a kid? YOUR a full grown male who spends 24/7 on a computor defending your console? wtf is wrong with you gtfo both you and lenhart you make gamers look bad your the reason why politicians codemn video games. they come on sites like this and read stupid comments like yours and lenharts
and think "whoa video games do make people violent/lonely/sad/depressed your f'ed up and you should be ashamed of yourself.

your no fking gamer

cmrbe4775d ago

Actually the PS3 is not lifeless like 33% of x360's hehe.

canadianpatriot4775d ago

not that it matters but 360 is now at 16% failure rate ( thats still bad) and the ps3 is lifeless its not an organic being .it doesnt breathe, eat or sleep its a machine

the point im trying to make is worshipping a machine is f'ed up no matter what machine toaster/360/ps3/dish washer if you worship a machine your f'ed up

cmrbe4775d ago

Come on man. Lighten up. I am just pulling your leg here. I know what you meant. I was just joking as it seems people were getting to serious. FYI. This is the FUN zone so you are entitled to say whatever you want basically which is why i call it the fun zone. Lighten up, grow a sense of humor and buy a PS3 while you are at it :). See how easy it is. No one should take comments in this zone personally or seriously. You will be a fool if you do IMHO.

Hatchetforce4775d ago

Canadian Bacon,

You are young but you are one of those people living in 1995 that believes games are just for kids. Take a look at the ESA figures that show who has the buying power and what age group uses that buying power to purchase games. It isn't the 14 year olds in this world. Besides, unless mommy and daddy step in, it is usually the adults like me and others here that can buy what game they want and then run it on a PS3, a 360, or a Wii on a 52 inch XBR and then also game on a jacked up PC.

Don't like the fact we are adults and can spend time on the computer AND have an opinion about our likes and dislikes? What are you saying, having an opinion about something we prefer is immature? You see how this isn't working for you? Well tough kid. Plenty of us worked hard so we could get to this position. I still do work on the side but I am fortunate to be retired from one former profession and able to do what other work needs to be done from the comfort of my home. You should be so lucky.

It is you that doesn't need to be on the computer and instead should be studying so you can reach this position also.

Gaming cuts across all age groups, all races, all genders. You had better learn that now. I discussed it because you opened that Pandora's box. Next time learn to leave it shut because honestly it won't work to your advantage.

Pain4775d ago

M$'s Crappy Console cant keep its Games lol but but where the Exclusive Bots!?? oh right going to PS3.

ThatCanadianGuy4775d ago

C,mon man..i thought we Canadians were smart? change your name,your giving the rest of us a bad rap

P.S agreeing with P.O.G (Psychotic old grandpa)
just goes to show how little you understand the gameing industry.Considering he never has facts,but merely pure fantasy.

shame on you

dragunrising4775d ago

Your a f-king idiot. You have the most senseless, idiotic $hit to add that only a moron could dream up. EA doesn't make any money on the 360? Bull f-king $hit they don't. Much more than PS3. Where do you make this crazy $hit up? If there is one console they don't make much money on is the Wii. The 360 is the top console they made money on for 05, 06, 07 and most of 08 as well. How do you justify the PS3 making more money for EA? FIFA? Europe? Your right to think that FIFA makes money (and more on PS3), and PS3 is a better product for Europe...however that is all your right about. Your so wrong you think your right; the mind is a powerful thing after all, too bad yours is wasted. Too bad you have nothing else to add other than your fanboy rants and lists. All that I have gleaned from your pitiful excuse for a discussion is that a) your old user name is Nasim and b) your eternally pissed off at M-soft because its the cool thing to do (jk). Furthermore you attribute M-soft for all of your daily hardships, such as tying your shoe laces or wiping your a$$.

Mass Effect, more than likely will not be platform exclusive...oh well. My life, personally isn't effected by this nor should it effect anyone else. Whether or not ME is timed exclusive is another story all together which no one knows conveniently. Speculation isn't news or confirmation of anything.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4775d ago

LOL and he is agreeing with himself and pretending to have a conversation with himself, thats some funny sh!t.

Mass Effect is published by MS, I don't think MS wants the MS logo ont he PS3 without Sony paying high dollor for it. When MS and Bioware signed the contract, it set a future for Mass Effect on the Xbox and PC.

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BIoodmask4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

will work something out with EA so they can keep Mass Effect 2 exclusive to the 360. It is true that EA is a multiplat developer but I could see Micro caughing up the money to keep this one.

It happens all the time in the Industry. There was an article posted a while back that Microsoft could even publish it under their label instead of EA's.

There are other EA games that are only on 360 and PC. C&C3: Kane's Wrath comes to mind....Just a note.

If Microsoft lets Mass Effect slip away that would be a really stupid decision IMO. It is kind of strange that they are releasing Mass Effect 1 on PC, but not PS3 also. So perhaps they already have a deal worked out...We shall see.

canadianpatriot4775d ago

microsoft is not dumb they're not going to give up a game like mass effect

Meus Renaissance4775d ago

Yes most likely because the PS3's installbase was not worth the additional cost of developing a port for the platform. But by the time Mass Effect 2 is released, I dont see 3rd party developers like EA ignoring the installbase of the PS3 by then - it would certainly be financially rewarding. I can see Microsoft working out a 6 month exclusivity package at the most, I don't see Mass Effect 2 never making an appearance on the PS3 considering it's EA who we're talking about here, and by then they could own Take Two - so its unlikely they'd dismiss the extra cash, unless Microsoft is willing to pay more for it.

Wraith0014775d ago

I agree, whether or not they will keep it exclusive is yet to be seen. Loved Mass Effect, one of the better next gen titles i have played to be honest.

I personally think it would be a shame if it was exclusive to 360 from a gamers point of view. PS3 owners would miss out, but if it went multi, surely they would have to make the first one for PS3 to? Unless it would be like the FF universe? But then it wouldn't continue the story from the first.

Sod it, PS3 has Blu-Ray, they could put both versions on one disc.

Uggh, now my brain hurts.

Panthers4775d ago

Well, regarding C&C 3, Red alert 3 is going to be on the PS3 as well. I think that the team making C&C 3 didnt want to do the PS3 version at the time because of sales/experience or whatever. But Red Alert 3 will be on the PS3 as well.

I think that ME2 will be on the PS3, and I hope the port the original, because I would like to play it.

cmrbe4775d ago

that it will be like another bioshock with a delayed release on the PS3. If this comes true. It will not really entice the PS crowd to the x360 but it will keep the x360 fans satisfied. PS fans has too many games coming out this year and beyond that the majority of them won't mind waiting for this game release on the PS3.

gogators4775d ago

then get it for the PC next week. Other wise, MS has a contract and, yes contracts can be redone and changed. Just because EA has bought out Bioware it doesn't mean previously signed and agreed upon contracts can suddenly be disregarded. If EA wants to bring this to the PS3 then it will require a renegotiation with MS.

tfur4775d ago


During acquisitions and divestitures contracts have to be renegotiated. When EA bought Bioware, contracts would have to of been renegotiated at that time. All contracts have terminations clauses for these types of business transactions. Depending on what was acquired, MS may not hold any legal rights to Mass Effect. This may be a simple case of timed exclusive contracts. Only the legal team of EA has the answer here...

Don't be surprised if an announcement is made at E3 about this situation.

season0074775d ago

talk about MS or whatever, its not about MS, its about EA

By the time of Mass Effect 2, a money whore company like EA would ignore PS3's install base? highly not likely

Fallen_Angel4775d ago

I take this as a really bad sign for it being an exclusive. Cause a few week ago they stated that it be a 360 exclusive and maybe be ported to the pc later. Maybe EA is trying to force them to do a ps3 port or something now.

gogators4775d ago

I guess MS can just force Nintendo to allow them to release DK racing and Goldeneye over XBLA seeing that MS now owns Rare. Your right that no one knows the language in the contract, but I bet there is a termination buy-out clause. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what EA and MS do.

poet2154775d ago

In some situations when businesses are bought out or merged.............unionized workers or contacts that the companies may own, have a Change Of Control clause that may honor contracts & agreements in place prior to the merger or buy out.

tfur4775d ago

Funny that you say that... Banjo says hi... That was a Nintendo/Rare game, that is now going to xbox.

You would not see DK because the game actually contains trademarked characters.

GoldenEye is a strange case, where activision owns the James Bond game rights, even though MS owns the developer. Also, Nintendo is/was actively trying to get that to the wii...

We'll have to wait and see... Maybe EA will announce Mass Universe or something... I am expecting to here EA announce something about ME and ME2 and another game at E3.

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meepmoopmeep4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

2 greedy companies. 1 IP.
i wonder who's going to publish the rest of the ME franchise.

let's see:

EA takes a huge check from MS and makes it timed exclusive
EA looks at the (by that time) large install base of the PS3 and publishes it.

LenHart4775d ago

cuz MS is not in a financial shape to purchase an ip woth a billion.

Vista flopped and MS 's profits are projected to nosedive as a result fo that

Plus EA is almost as big as MS. EA is arrogant and doesnt accpet bribes

EA will announce it for PS3 this JUNE

meepmoopmeep4775d ago

i know, they'll make more $ than taking a check for a timed exclusive.
by the time ME2 is ready the PS3 install base will be 15M at least. there's no way EA will pass that up.

DailyAddict4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

to keep EA from taking this multiplatform. They would pretty much have to pay out a little bit more than whatever EA estimates would be their profit from making it multiplatform because EA isn't the company that likes to lose money, even if it's a penny.

The fact that Microsoft didn't even mention this game in their list of blockbuster's at their recent event says a lot and that quote isn't exactly reassuring either.

Xbox Evolved brought this up and people slammed him for it pretty hard on N4G. But, so far it looks like they were right. Seeing as how the game was originally an exclusive it should have been an easy "yes" for them to say that the sequel would be exclusive.

But, why put out the first one on PS3 if you aren't going to put out the second one on PS3 either? I think this is going multiplatform and a lot of people might be owing Xbox Evolved a big apology...or at least where the Dunce hat.

It's all still up in the air at this point, but usually with quotes like "we haven't made any announcements" it's a pretty good chance it's going multiplatform. And to the person above saying MS wouldn't lose this game... they don't exactly have a choice because they no longer own the publishing rights to the game; EA does. And what does EA do? They put everything on EVERYTHING.

Wildarmsjecht4775d ago

They should owe an apology and admit they themselves were wrong if it were true. But in this day and age, you'll be hard pressed to find any sort of humility in people. Especially when they're proving wrong hardcore. And I agree with you about EA and MS. MS has a big pocketbook, we know it, they've shown it. But EA is all about the profits. If they can maximise profits even if its based on a long term plan, they'll do it. MS can sign a check to keep it exclusive, but it really would have to be much higher than EA's projected sale amount.

BattleAxe4775d ago

I agree Daily Addict, the comment made about "no anouncements at this time" usually mean that somthing new will be happening. I think its going Multi-plat.

bootsielon4775d ago

It would be the first time EA does it, at least in a long time. I doubt Microsoft will manage to keep it exclusive, they don't even need it anymore. They can do other things with their own studios, and they should use their money for that instead of being lazy and just buying exclusivity or extra content.

Bnet3434775d ago

Xbox 360, PC

It's already multi platform. If you hate Xbox 360 and want to play it, get the PC version.