PS4 Summer 2014 Lineup Includes Destiny, The Evil Within And Indie Games Galore

The International Digital Times rounds up trailers, brief descriptions and (when available) release dates for each game that's scheduled to hit the PlayStation 4 before the end of summer.

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Xavy3224d ago

Keep them coming. Hope Sony brings there guns on E3 this year =D

TomShoe3224d ago

People are thinking Sony is cruising because they're so quiet. Just wait for all the bombas they drop come E3.

Xavy3224d ago

I hope u are right. I want them to Nuke E3 =D

3224d ago
medman3223d ago

Transistor looks like it could be something special...Child of Light is a day one download for me.

Back-to-Back3223d ago

I don't understand why some people hate indies. Imo its nice to get new game experience for a fraction of the price. I cant be the only one that hates having to throw down $60 for each AAA. Crazy to think that you can get 4-6 indies for the same price as 1 AAA game.

SPARTAN33224d ago

Yay games I wonder how the evil within will turn out

avengers19783224d ago

I'm hoping for a really terrifying experience, from what I've seen of the game it looks great

SPARTAN33223d ago

Ya a next gen RE4 type game would be great. With the horror genre going small scale it will be good to have a AAA type one out there.

Yui_Suzumiya3223d ago

That's the I'm mostly pumped about this Summer :3

TitanUp3224d ago

a really good mix of games.

MeLoveRamen3224d ago

This looks like a S+ tier line up for summer games. Ever since i downloaded dead nation for ps4 i have been really been anticipating helldivers with 4 player co op its gonna be sooo fun, also count me in for counter spy, the great pixeljunk shooter, destiny, race the sun, and The evil with in witch looks veddy goo

datpanda3224d ago

As someone who doesn't keep up to date on release dates (that way I'm pleasantly surprised when they do come out) I did not expect all these to come out before end of summer. Not bad!

super_lazy3224d ago

Even as someone who does keep up with most of the major release dates, it's pretty shocking to see just how much content is coming to PS4 this year, especially when you really start thinking about the total number of hours of entertainment being offered. Destiny alone could probably keep me busy for three months.

datpanda3224d ago

Destiny for sure would be enough. Never got into Borderlands for the gun RPG it was, but Destiny might get me to actually buy at launch for once and resubscribe in a long time (don't judge me).

Battlefieldlover3223d ago

Ohh man do yourself a huge favor and pic up boarderlands 2. Crazy fun campaign especially if you have some mates to play with...even without the story is just top notch. I can't even discribe how much I'm looking forward to the 3rd installment. I have high hopes for Destiny. Preordered and ready to take back our galaxy with the help of the "traveler" ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.