MS chest thumps over "flood of brilliant 360 games"

Microsoft has begun chest thumping over it's 2008 line-up of games, saying its invention of Xbox has led to a "Christmas Eve like never before" every week of the year.

In an update on its official website the company cites Gears of War 2 (Nov 2008), Ninja Gaiden 2 (June 6), Too Human (August 29), Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise (Sep 2008), Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (Holiday 2008), Fable 2 (2008) and Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One (out now).

It says: "It's going to be very tough sleeping at night with this amazing haul coming so soon."

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Darkiewonder4502d ago

Oh i can sleep fine thank you though microsoft.

bfrodo304502d ago

If your such a MS/360 hater why even come in here and comment?

thewhoopimen4502d ago

Hush Frodo! Go take a walk to Mordor with your precious.

lessthanmarcus4502d ago

...I'm buying one. Gears of War 2. This year I'll be picking up MGS4, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Socom Confrontation.. Sorry, Too Human and a Banjo Kazooie isn't going to cut it.

Hoggy19834501d ago

Oh look, another Xbox topic filled with bitter PS3 fans what joy

dan-boy4501d ago

i'v been playing gears co-op this week, and that game rocks full stop. does need 4-player co-op though. i'm still on the fence about ng2 though. ng on the xbox was difficult to frustration levels! it seemed to me that the devs made it so hard because there was nothing but run/jump/hack/slash repeat over and over til the end.

fable2 is looking good, and too human is a first day purchase for me! i'm really looking forward to some co-op on too human.

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Fishy Fingers4502d ago

lol... you've gotta love MS for their PR, they're always pushing.

Their 2007 line-up was much stronger in my opinion, I want Gears 2, that's it.

wetowel4502d ago

ditto gears 2 is the only one i really want. I may buy the other ones when the come down to like 20 bucks.

kevoncox4502d ago

How do you figure 2007 was stronger when you playstation fans bashed it to no

Look at 2008

Fable 2 = AAA
Other solid titles
Too Human,Banjo

The best titles in 2007 was Bioshock, COD4, Halo and Mass Effect.
I think this lineup is better and more diverse. Like I said, i think MS has Sony beat this year. Yes MGS4 will be great but outside of that everything else is looking solid.

Resistance 2
LBP = maybe 2008

FF = 2009
Killzone = 2009
White Knight = 2009( no new screens or news)
Agency = 2009
HOME = 2009
GT5 = 2009

Sony's best games this year will be MGS4 and alot of multi plat games... like Meceneries and Fallout. Add ressitance to that list as well.

Tmac4502d ago

Kevon you fanboy, like everything related to Microsoft, take his opinion with a grain of salt.

However look at IP's Sony has the 1UP this year so far. We still have E3 to see the other high-caliber games.

kevoncox4502d ago

Great response. Call me a fanboy and ignore my post.
You didn't even respond. Are you saying the games isted aren't great? Are any of the Sony games i listed definate for 2008?

gaffyh4502d ago

@kevoncox - I know you can't reply, so just edit your above post if you can.

There are a few 2008 PS3 games you missed out e.g. Wipeout HD, SOCOM

But on the 360 side, NG2 is not AAA, Ninja Gaiden Sigma was quite bad, and you only get that sense when you play the game, it has a very bad story, although I will probably still get it.

Gears 2 will probably be good also and I may also get Banjo, but i don't expect any of the other games to be good at all especially Fable 2 and Too Human (graphically they both look absolutely rubbish). So I'm pretty sure the 2008 PS3 lineup is better than the 360's, Fable 2/Too Human look like they are going to be Haze/Lair type games for the 360, all hype.

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CViper4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

But.. thats it? What happened to Huxley/Alan Wake/Warhounds/Left 4 Dead/Splinter Cell? I think this is missing some titles. Or were those all delayed? I thought those were coming out in 08?

If I were to tell you that last years lineup was better. You'd agree.

crck4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

Huxley, Left for Dead, Splinter Cell are all 3rd party.

Boldy4502d ago

The games they listed are all games under the MGS brand therefore the exclusives you listed will not be up there.

Valante134502d ago

LMAO!! yeah right, Microsoft don't know what a "flood of brilliant games" really is!

canadianpatriot4502d ago

i dont know thats a pretty good line up
-left 4 dead
-ninja gaiden 2
-fable 2
-too human
-gears 2
-infinite undiscovery
-tales of vesperia
-banjo nuts and bolts

InMyOpinion4502d ago

If you're not sure check gamerankings/metacritic. The 360 has the best games library out there.

levy4502d ago

I would say the PS2 has the best lineup. Or maybe the SNES.

Condoleezza Rice4502d ago

Too Human= Proven Devs,game isn't.Before you disagree,look at Haze and Free Radical.So far,I'm not greatly impressed with the title,after multiple delays,the game just doesn't look that fun.

Banjo= I feel like the new game is driving away(excuse the pun) from the core Platform gameplay that has made the series into what it is today,will the new one deliver?I don't know,but I'm honestly not as enthusiastic for it as I was before learning of the "80% vehicle" gameplay.I have a bad feeling about this one.

Ninja Gaiden= Gameplay is fast and brutal,Camera needs SERIOUS work.I'm not sure if it was Eurogamer or EGM that recently stated the Camera in NG2 is in need of work,I hope Team Ninja will have it sorted out in the final build.

Fable= Part 1 was MEGA overrated,period.Not only was the game NOT what Mr.Molyneux had promised,but the gameplay got very boring very fast.A rental for me.

Viva Pinata= Haven't tried part 1,don't think I'll be trying part 2.

Penny Arcade= Might download it,not too interested to be honest.

>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>

All in all,Gears is the title that'll without a doubt be a day 1 purchase,NG2 I might hold off buying 'til I finish MGS4.

DarthTigra 4502d ago

Dont dont the viva pinata lol.Seriously though before i couldnt stand people playing that game now i started playing it and cant get enough lol.

canadianpatriot4502d ago

i agree i thought viva pinata was lame but its probably one of the most addicting games ive played

Wraith0014502d ago

I gotta agree with ya on most of that rice, the more i hear and see about Too Human the more i see it being an average 3rd person hack'n'slash/shooter with some bells and whistles on to make it look more interesting and fun because the story's crap.

Fable was a big BIG let down for me, like you said, boring, repetitive.

Looking forward to GOW2, dig the cover moves on that game , in fact i think its the best cover movement represented in a game yet.

However i do disagree with you on Viva, at first i thought it was a kiddy's game, but you can while away hours in your garden hehe, strange i hate gardening TBH.

Never been an MGS fan so my loss i guess.

ceee2274502d ago

I thought it was a fun game, maybe I did not have the high expectations that some of you did. By the way, I only played the PC version.

I think Fable 2 will be cool as well, just stop reading all of the hype. Fable 2 is probably going to be a long wait for me. I don't own a 360, only a PC and a PS3.

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