The Perils of Modern Gaming: Resistance Trilogy Shutting Down Its Severs

Hardcore Gamer: We no longer own the entire game when we purchase it. We own it for as long as the company feels like letting us play it, which in some cases is not much longer than a couple of years. Games without significant single player campaigns or local multiplayer options can be rendered nothing more than novelty paperweights on a moments notice. This is the new generation of gaming, and I love it and hate it more than I can easily articulate.

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ValKilmer1658d ago

I agree, it's a very scary thought that things like Titanfall could be rendered useless in years to come. Yet I'll always be able to play my copy of Glover as god intended.

micx1658d ago

Exactly, this is the reason why I'm not big on Always Online.

Derekvinyard131658d ago

I just bought resistance 3 on amazon, I remember number 2 was pretty fun

SonyStyled1658d ago

i doubt youll be disappointed

Derekvinyard131658d ago

This is supposedly the best one

Applejack1658d ago

I personally loved the first game the best. It had an awesome campaign and the ranked online matches rival online games even today. (I don't mean graphics wise, just gameplay and fun factor)

micx1658d ago

R:FoM was much fun offline, it's such shame to see it go.

yeahright21658d ago

Thank Captain Planet that I'm not into multiplayer. I'm the type that loves going back and playing some of my older games from time to time. If be mad if a big part of them turned unplayable.

Raf1k11658d ago

If they allowed people to run their own servers like you can with some PC games then you'd be able to play online as long as their was a community ready to run those servers.

That's the great thing about old PC games like Battlefield 2. People are still running the servers and playing them.

justSumDood1658d ago

Dedicated servers are great from a technical viewpoint, but their drawback is apparent.
Peer 2 peer gaming is far from ideal, but at least we can enjoy the game much longer.
Why not options for both? It's not that difficult to implement during development.

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