Gaming's greatest FMV sequences

BT Games: "There was a time when full-motion video sequences were the cutting edge of gaming. That time was the 1990s, and here are our favourite moments of movie magic."

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Peter_Warrior2668d ago

Worthy if only to watch again Red Alert 3 intro (sigh)

Neonridr2668d ago

I loved the original Red Alert intro.

Stringerbell2667d ago

Ha all those West Wood fmv's brings me back!

Spikeantestor2667d ago

I was initially put off by Resident Evil 2's instance on CG for it's cut scenes. I had really thought the presence of real people added something special to the first game. I say "had" because I doubt I'd agree with myself now.

ianos2667d ago

But it was so beautifully campy. I don't think I'd love Barry Burton half as much as I do were it not for the slightly odd-looking bloke playing him in the first game.


Spikeantestor2667d ago

Well I suppose my dirty little secret, the reason for which I don't think I'd still be impressed with it, is that I actually, at the tender age of 13, didn't see it as campy. believe it or not, it struck me as dangerous and adult.

ianos2667d ago

I'm exactly the same. I think I was also 13 when it came out...