What The Heck Is Mid-Core? Best 5 Free Mid-Core m-Games (Android and iPhone)

Appszoom's brief dissertation on this newly coined term and 5 neat examples.

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Peter_Warrior2721d ago

Aaaand yes, it'd be great if you add your favorite m-mid-core games in the comments, if it isn't asking too much, so we can delimit it.

Derekvinyard132720d ago

Good read dude, I like how you explained casual games and hardcore games, I also see that you put beastie bay in here, not saying its a bad game but it was the only kariosoft game I couldn't get into. I give them a lot of credit though because I honestly feel game dev story is one of the best games on IOS and android. Still waiting for number 2

Peter_Warrior2720d ago

Yes, Dev Story would have been more adequate, and Beastie Bay isn't the best Kairo game. I chose it because I wanted to put Kairo as example, but also needed some Pokémon-like game.

joab7772720d ago

Like Persona 4? Lol! Is that coming to ps3 tomorrow? How am I to play Dark Souls, Persona and FF14 on Friday. Wtf!