Adam Sessler’s Departure From the Game Review Scene – A Long-Time Fan’s Thoughts and Feelings

As a long-time follower and fan of Sessler's entertaining and insightful work, I find myself notably saddened by his sudden resignation. This isn't the first time we've seen him relocate, but his departure from X-Play was a bit more heated than the relationship with his "wonderful and talented co-workers" and the past year and a half he's spent at Rev3 Games.

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LOGICWINS3339d ago

Idk why people are acting like he's retiring from every aspect of gaming. He likely still be on Youtube, just under a different channel.

joab7773339d ago

It just seems that everytime I went to him for an opinion, something became an issue. For one, xbone was ridiculed b/c out of the gate they tried to tell us what type of console we wanted and why it had to be that way. Then, off the heels of becoming the most popular hardcore gaming machine, they choose to couple the new Kinect with an inferior machine for more money.

They release Fora, and Sessler, for one, I thought could see through the pretty veneer and warn us about the micro transactions and skimpy content. Titanfall is a good game but again is marred by its multi platform release and only further highlights MS' s bad decisions regarding xbone.

Im not naive. I know that Sealer isnt all bad or all good...but to me he definitely changed the yard stick all the time. Most recently, his review of Infamous seemedto focus more on their telling him he couldn't use his/his colleague's gameplay in the review (b/c they wanted to keep things under wraps for once) than the actual issues with the game...and there are a few.

Sometimes its time to go, or at least move on to something else. I almost think that often the longer u r in the biz, the harder it becomes to see things clearly. At least for me it has.