$20 Off Tomb Raider for PS4, $10 Or More Off Other PS4 Titles

PSLS: Right now on Amazon, select PS4 titles are available at discounts ranging from $10 to $20 off.

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Xavy3468d ago

Played Tomb on PC didn't like it so much :(

3468d ago
Sly-Lupin3468d ago

It's a good "game." And by "game" I mean it's a great example of all the most popular elements of AAA game design--very cinematic, lots of set-pieces, tiny environments and half-hearted gameplay systems.

If they'd made the island more like the Frontier in AC3, and made the survival aspects actually have an effect on gameplay, it could have been fantastic.

Rageanitus3468d ago

I don't really care about discounts at this point. Where are the GAMES!!!. My PS4 right now is my Netflix box...

Luckily Diablo 3 is keeping me busy.

v6volume3468d ago

You haven't played Infamous?

Rageanitus3468d ago

Not everyone plays open world games.

Sly-Lupin3468d ago

The games are at least one year away.
As a consumer, it's your duty to research a product before purchasing it. And also to have some understanding, no matter how crude, of how the game industry works.


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Christopher10h ago

It does require some third-party cookies to access it seems.


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