Halo 2 and Halo 3 Appear as Official Steam Groups - Games to Follow?

SteamFirst: Earlier today, Halo 2 and Halo 3 were spotted as Official Steam Community Groups within the Steam network. We already know that official groups can only be created by Valve, so we ask ourselves, what does this mean?

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ArbitorChief2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Please be true, I'm dying to play Halo 2 and 3 on PC and on Steamworks.

GizmoFusion2631d ago

Steamworks is a big if. But if they even port these and if they are ported to steamworks then valve does all the hosting. Which means Halo multiplayer without the fee's associated with live.

ArbitorChief2631d ago

What would be even better is if they port Halo 2 Anniversary to PC.

Moncole2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

They have been using Steamworks for all there recent PC ports so far and are ending GFWL.

combatcash2631d ago

The recently release that halo spartan game. These 2 games may be next.

2631d ago
Vegamyster2631d ago

That would be awesome, Halo 2 was one of my favorite MP shooters and i'd love to play it again.

Geoff9002631d ago

GFWL has gone anyway, and they removed fees from it a long time ago.

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borgome2631d ago

A message for the PC users, try buying an xbox.....this will enable you to play Halo games.

2631d ago
Geoff9002631d ago

or you could just wait for it to come on PC...

SoulSercher6202631d ago

I'd rather go without playing Halo than buy an Xbox.

stragomccloud2631d ago

I agree with soulsercher. It'd be a nice addition, but it's not worth buying a console for Halo alone.

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Gamer19822631d ago

this would kill the so called remakes on Xbox One... As PC can blow it away with graphics and mods. Not to mention Halo on PC means another reason NOT to buy an Xbox One. A good money maker for MS but shooting themselves in the foot no?

starchild2631d ago

This would be great. I would love to play those games again. Especially on my PC. They would look awesome and play so well at 60+fps.

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SteamFirst2631d ago

It would be awesome to finally get these titles. On the Microsoft end, they would make so much more money on the titles that many are not paying attention to anymore on console.

shivvy242631d ago

If it happens I cant wait to play halo 3, I had a PS3 but I always wanted to play it

killzone6192629d ago

halo 2 was on vista but the servers where really bad. Plus you needed xbox live membership so you couldnt play online for free...

i doubt halo 2/3 will make it to PC. Seems like too much hassle. halo is more of an xbox thing.

GizmoFusion2631d ago

The bigger deal really is the possibility of MS IP's showing up on Steam right after they discussed they have big PC info to announce this summer.

Illusive_Man2631d ago

Old titles but don't expect major XB1 titles like Halo 5 to appear concurrently on PC.

SteamPowered2631d ago

Too bad MS doesn't want to hit the pc market with newer titles. If they partnered with steam, it could be a huge gain for both parties.

steamgamer2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

The App-IDs were added about a year ago and then deleted over eleven months ago.

starchild2631d ago

Oh, then that makes it less likely then. But it's still strange that they were ever added in the first place.

DeadlyFire2629d ago

Likely they added them without thinking people would find them so quickly. They could still be out there. Likely under unknown App ids. Considering these Steam Groups have poped up now. Its likely still going forward.

pompombrum2631d ago

Halo 2 on Steam? OMFG YES!! I didn't get into Halo until after the Halo 2 servers went down however the large majority of Halo community say it's better than Halo 3 so I've always wanted to see what all the fuss was about. If Microsoft don't announce an AE at E3, this would be awesome.

Codewow2631d ago

Depends. Halo 2's multiplayer was definitely more competitive in my opinion. But Halo 3 had a large advantage with Forge and all the awesome maps people could make even with the limit they had. If Halo 3 came to PC I would hope they would be able to up that forge limit and let people go wild, but I doubt it. It's all engine specific.

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