Xbox One will Double Performance with DirectX12

Video from Red Dragon talking about DX12 and how it will double performance on XB1 also has quotes from AMD ,Intel and Nvidia about the gains it will provide.

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FrigidDARKNESS3763d ago

Wow amazing stuff. The x1 is truly the next gen must have console.

Allsystemgamer3763d ago

Lol yea ok. All this talk and no demonstration

Sethry1013763d ago

I don't understand people who trust on blind faith. Either you know tech and can deduct for yourself, which I doubt many people do. Or you need proof which so far there has been none of. I don't know tech well enough so I need proof first.

Irishguy953763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

Well, it's nice that Amd, Nvidia and intel all agree. I don't really trust MS...but the other 3??


It's common information, theres a reason GPU's use GDDR5 and DDR3 is used for system memory. They have their ups and downs over one another.

NatureOfLogic_3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

With the power of the cloud and dx12, Xbox One will become more powerful than the PS4./s

ThunderSpark3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

The same people getting hyped about every little thing MS mentions are the same Xbox fans that were going to allow Microsoft to implement the DRM policy and the same ones that let MS walk all over them during the RROD fiasco. Please everyone disregard their opinions. True gamers know the truth. Anything implemented software wise can be done for both consoles. Only thing that can't change is the hardware, which the PS4 wins easily.

redwin3763d ago

Don't care much about power but I care a lot about games, good fluid multiplat and exclusives. I'll tell you when the division comes out, who's who. I have both machines right now and so far I like the box ( I can feel the hate brewing) but so far it's my opinion . Have you played them both ?

gaffyh3763d ago

I sometimes wonder if anyone actually believes this shit, other than the usual trolls obviously, because it's obviously complete BS.

Sarcasm3763d ago

Yup with the power of the cloud, secret sauce, dx12, Unicorn Tears, and Tinkerbell's fairy dust it will become twice as powerful as a GTX Titan Black too.

Trekster_Gamer3763d ago

Another blind fanboy statement.
When developers such as the one he listed say things like that it Means something!
These companies know what the hell they are talking about...
Just as all system gamer you sound like a biased troll...

papashango3763d ago

up to 25% performance in some games is the most I'll give "some" games.

Chris_GTR13763d ago

whats wrong with these people ,its fact ps4s gpu is much stronger than x1s. it doesnt matter what "magical firmware update" they do wont change that fact.

DoubleM703763d ago

From a Dev look him up on Twitter also. Brad Wardell


UltimateMaster3763d ago

It's impossible to double the strength of the Xbox One and make it superior to the PS4.
Hardware can't be changed, and since both uses the same type of CPU and GPU, the PS4 can optimize as well.
Hopefully the consoles can become better overtime.

webeblazing3763d ago

You can only have blind faith with Sony products. No matter what is not shown.

TheGreatAndPowerful3763d ago

If you look at RD site and the rest of the vidoes on his channel you'll see he's a big Xbox fanboy. I really don't know what's happening to N4G lately but it seems like they're allowing just about anything to be posted here including personal blogs posts and amateur created vids like this.


Boody-Bandit3763d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Click your ruby covered heels together Dorthy and repeat after me, "there is no place like home, there is no place like home, there is no place like home.?"

I mean seriously, this again?

On topic:
Some ask when is all the resolution gate going to stop and than yet those same people are here believing this nonsense. 2x more performance? SERIOUSLY!?

The bottom line. No matter what improvements can be made through dev tool kits, cloud, driver or software updates or familiarity with devs over time with said hardware. You can't make hardware less capable on the same level as hardware that is more capable with software. Especially when you have to realize the more capable hardware will not be hiding in a corner sitting still. It to will have updates and refinements that will improve it's overall performance as well.

I really wish these secret sauce articles would be fewer and further between and the continual we have learned from our mistakes and are now more focused on games. Seriously just stop.

Show us. Don't talk about it.
All I care about is the games.
E3 is right around the corner. All will be known then.

u got owned3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

All i see in this thread is a bunch of ps4 fans trying to discredit this news. Are you guys that insecure... If it makes you feel better ps4 will stay the most powerful but with dx12 xbox one could close the gap and that is a win for all gamers. Please leave your insecurities at the door, PS4 will be fine.

Eonjay3762d ago

What if it does improve performance and still lags behind the PS4 as physics and mathematics assures us will be the case. What then, DirectX 13? Let this go. Its a lost cause... if you buy an Xbox One do so because its the package you want, not because of hidden secret sauce.

kreate3762d ago

@u got owned

"Closing the gap"

And 'doubling' the performance

Is not the same though.

Gotcha53762d ago

Was all demo at Microsoft Build,check it out on Channel 9 website...