Infamous Second Son Engine Post-Mortem Analysis & Breakdown

We knew from the first screen shots and gameplay snippets of Infamous Second Son that the title would help to define what the PS4 was capable of. While its release has met with some criticism concerning the gameplay, there are few who would doubt that overall the game is very technically impressive. Recently a PDF has come out from presentation at GDC 2014 from Sucker Punch, providing a rather interesting insight into the engine which powers the title.

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WalterWJR3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

This one is for all the nerds out there, who like myself love a bit of analasys.

3348d ago
incendy353348d ago

I can never watch this guys videos.. Sounds like he is yawning every time he talks. Then I start yawning lol

merciless3348d ago

Look at my AVI! Then take a look at infamous' last power. When I got it and did that run covered in it I couldn't help but think SP should make a Ben Grim game!!!

DigitalRaptor3348d ago

Thanks for the spoiler dude. ;)

Loving the game, but I did kinda see that coming, based on the story alone.

Magnes3348d ago

Oh yeah its "Clobbering Time"!!!

I_am_Batman3348d ago

Does this video spoil the powers or important portions of the plot? I'd like to watch it but I haven't played the game yet.

WalterWJR3348d ago

You can just listen, the video does not link in with what he is saying.

Ozmoses3348d ago

Don't smoke Reggie, smoke the kind bud!